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Hey there! I’m Carrie.

My sun sign is Cancer, moon sign is Virgo.
I’m an INFP on the Meyers Briggs.
I have a bachelor’s degree with two majors: Human Development, and Consumer/Community Studies.
I’m totally fascinated by the human psyche.
I’m always curious about creating a meaningful life.
I live with my husband, two fluffy cats, and one fluffy mutt in the beautiful state of Utah.
My purpose is to encourage your expansion.
It’s lovely to meet you! 

The Spacious Tarot is a work in progress deck, a collaboration between myself and the wonderful artist Annie Ruygt. Here are some sneak peeks! Follow @thespacioustarot on Instagram for updates and new card reveals.

I'm a tarot reader

I use tarot to guide you right into the uncharted cosmic energy within you. Explore reading options here.

...and a mentor

Mentoring sessions are grounded, intuitive, soul-expanding conversations. See mentoring options here.

Here are some things people have said about working with me:

“You gave me so much advice and support. There is so much in this reading, real depth and feeling. I am going to come back to it again and again. You gave practical guidance as well as spiritual, and there is such truth and clarity to it.”

“When I read this reading I had to choke back tears. My heart swelled and I had the urge to HUG MY TABLET! Instead,  I hugged me. This is exactly what I needed, some good soul medicine. You knocked it out of the park!!”

“I was completely stuck for months and you’ve helped the unstuck process. You’ve helped me stop floundering. You’ve helped me rethink my approach and you created a way for me to re-envision my aspirations.”

“What I liked best about the reading was the action statements. Rather than just being able to reflect on the reading, I’m able to now move forth and incorporate the reading into my life. That is so incredibly valuable. Thank you!”

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I’ve been putting out free content online for over four years! Here are some highlights to get you started:

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Thank you for visiting. You are welcome here.

Carrie Mallon

Header art from The Spacious Tarot illustrated by Annie Ruygt

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