Y’know those times when the Universe just keeps nudging you to do something? That’s how this video came about.

The majority of the work I do for my clients is made up of email tarot readings. And I don’t want to toot my own horn, but people are usually pretty damn happy with the results! Recently, a client emailed me saying they were curious about my process. How do I begin? What does my reading space look like? How do I select a deck? And so on.

And then, within the same week, ANOTHER client emailed me asking the same question! Okay, Universe. I’m listening. I thought this would be a fun topic to explore visually, and so I made a video! I describe my entire process and even give you a little tour of my tarot office.

This might be interesting if you’ve been a client of mine, are interested in being a client, or even if you’re a fellow tarot reader who fancies a peek at how I work!



If you have any further questions about my process, you’re welcome to leave a comment. To purchase an email reading with me, click here.

PS: The ending of the video is a little abrupt because my camera died. I filmed this during Mercury Retrograde, so…yeah. 🙂

Peace, love & happy fish,

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