If you are a blogger, artist, crafter, tarot reader, writer, entrepreneur, any combination of the aforementioned, or anyone else who regularly posts pieces of their creative soul online: this is for you.

Being an online creative is not for the faint of heart. Our creative endeavors are infused with the most authentic, complex parts of ourselves. Exposing your creative work isn’t easy in general, let alone throwing your art on teh interwebz for all the world to see.

Being an online creative ranges the gamut from wonderful to terrifying to draining to satisfying to “holy shit I can’t believe I just hit publish on that.”

It takes a while to get acclimated to the sensation of posting your work online and accepting that you might get a great reaction…or you might get criticism…or you might get silence.

Here are some things you learn if you’re a consistent online creative for any amount of time:

Sometimes you’ll write a lovingly crafted, valuable blog post…and no one will read it.

Sometimes you’ll spend long minutes arranging the perfect photo, waiting for the light to hit just right and typing the most befitting caption before posting to Instagram…and it will be ignored.

Sometimes you’ll work your ass off while simultaneously pouring your heart and soul into a project and when you launch it…crickets.

But other times…

You’ll hammer out a blog post that seems utterly ridiculous…and it will receive accolades.

You’ll judge yourself for what you’ve created and aaaaalmost decide not to share it…but when you put it up, people will cheer.

You’ll think you’ve tried everything, you’ll be ready to give up…and the burst of inspiration you need will come barreling out of nowhere.

And most of the time, things’ll fall somewhere in between.

The most important thing is to keep creating. Be consistent. I put up blog posts every Tuesday, and have been doing so for over a year. They aren’t always masterpieces, but as someone who is inclined towards procrastination, I am incredibly proud of my consistency.

Put yourself out there. Keep making stuff, keep showing up, keep doing the work. Do it when it flows and do it when it’s tough.

Create! Do it when people love it and do it when people shrug it.
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It can be healthy to observe the reception of your work, but don’t linger too long. If you’re spending all your energy staring in the rearview mirror, fixating on how something was perceived, you won’t have the energy you need for your next thing.

There’s a constantly replenishing creative life force surging through you. The more you tap into this, the stronger it becomes. The more you get used to sharing your work regardless of the outcome, the more resilient you get.

And if you’re an online creative, resiliency is key. The internet is a rumblingly loud, chaotic landscape. Just because you don’t have thousands of subscribers, and hundreds of shares/likes/comments (yet!) doesn’t mean you aren’t “succeeding.”

Instead of worrying about success, focus on your grit.
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Instead of ruminating on what you posted yesterday, get excited about what you’ll post tomorrow. Keep your head held high and for the love of everything…just keep creating.


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