Tarot Readings

Everything from custom readings to pre-designed spreads, these readings will connect with your soul.

Mentoring Sessions

Sessions are customized to you, focusing on anything from personal growth to business to learning tarot.

Clients are saying…

I don’t know how to sum up all the things this reading makes me feel. It shifts under my feet, changing and deepening each time I read it. There is so much there to come back to when I am struggling, so many perspectives to appreciate, so many reminders to let go and be me.”

“You brought a lot of needed perspective and practical advice that has benefitted me IMMENSELY. I am now more grounded and centered, I feel like I leveled up my coping skills. I have transformed my heart and now it is a matter of continuing to head in this direction.”

“I love your reading style and philosophy. You are so talented at synthesizing the card meanings so that I can apply them practically to my daily life. It’s like the cards are little sign posts saying ‘this way, over here’ and you help me figure how to get going in that direction from where I am now.

“Most readings I’ve had leave me with insight, but not like this. I’ve read it 4 or 5 times now, and took your advice to sit and journal-out the parts that stuck out to me. I have SUCH a better mindset and focus. Such better motivation and all around just feel balanced.”

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