I would like to say I’m consistently focused, creative & productive. I would like to say that every morning I rise with the sun, make a cup of tea, and spend time in quiet contemplation & meditation. Then, I proceed to work on my novel, complete Tarot readings & cook a healthy meal. With a smile!

I’d reaaaallly like to say these things, but it would be a dirty, damnable lie.

If you are a fellow Tarot reader or another creative-type, you might be able to relate. Do you find yourself procrastinating, making excuses, and then feeling guilty because you are not honoring your creativity? (That’s my song & dance.) How can we be consistent with our creativity?

These are questions I can’t stop mulling over. And so naturally, I’ve done a Tarot reading for myself on the topic! I’m sharing this with you in hopes you’ll find insights here that resonate with your own creative battles. I asked the cards, “How can I be more focused & consistent with my creativity?”

The first card represents what can hinder my creativity, and I drew the Empress. At first glance, it didn’t seem to add up. The lush, comfortable Empress as a hinderance? But then it clicked – of course. I am hindered by waiting for Empress-like conditions before I do my creative work. I’m waiting until all of the circumstances line up & everything feels magically conducive. I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking I can’t be creative unless I have the ideal circumstances.

Things get even more interesting with the second card, which represents what can foster my creativity: the Five of Pentacles. This picture of poverty & hard times stands in harsh contrast to the abundance of the Empress. I procrastinate when I’m tired or weary. In short, I procrastinate when I feel like the figures on this card! This reading shows that

creativity is fostered by forging ahead, even when you feel like crap.
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I was drawn to the glow of the church window on the Five of Pentacles. The coloring is very similar to the coloring of the Empress. I could almost imagine that the Empress was inside the church, basking in the warm glow. She might be completely unaware of the castaways on the Five of Pentacles!

The truth is that we can’t always have the perfect conditions of the Empress if we want to be consistently creative. Sometimes creativity is hard. Sometimes we feel like we are limping along, ragged & weak. Our moods, emotions & energies come in cycles. If we wait for Empress like-conditions to do our creative work we might be waiting a while (or forever).

We need to learn to keep creating even when we don’t feel ‘in the zone.’ With practice, we can find little tricks to get ourselves into a creative frame of mind when we’re feeing downtrodden. And sometimes, as I’ve shown above, a Tarot reading can give us the boost we need. (If you’re struggling with creative blocks, you’ll love my ‘Getting Unstuck’ reading.)

How consistent & focused are you with your creativity? What tips & tricks have you discovered? Do you create when you feel like crap? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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