We are seekers. We seek expansion, freedom, connection. We plunge the depths of meaning beyond the surface. We are more interested in questions than answers. Our curiosity is divinely ordained. We honor our inherent wholeness even as we seek ever-increasing ways to live a brave, open-hearted life.

We are healers. Our healing comes in many shapes: we may be teachers, engineers, parents, tarot readers, or artists, among other guises. We are called to bring laughter, comfort, encouragement, recovery and wholeness to this planet and its inhabitants. We heal through bold acts of revolution and through quiet acts of kindness.

We walk varied paths, but we share a common destiny: to activate treasures within and be amplifiers of light.
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I’ve shuffled the Wild Unknown tarot & asked to be guided to the cards and messages that might resonate with us. As I do with my personalized Bad Ass Manifesto readings, I’ve written this in first person. If it resonates with you, you can use this as an affirmation. May the following passages crack open the bad-ass healer & seeker that you are!

{The Chariot}

I have the courage and zeal to forge my own path. I do not shimmy away from owning what I am here to do. I trust myself to take the next step, no matter how small, with conviction. I do not buy into limiting thoughts. I do not play small. I’m here to live out loud. I may not have all the answers right away, but I have the determination to figure it out.

I am my own strongest ally. I provide a consistent, steady and strong companionship to myself. I stand behind my own decisions and actions. I trust myself, I take pride in my accomplishments. I willingly activate my powers because the world needs what I’ve got.

I give approximately zero fucks what anyone thinks of me – I don’t have time for that, I’ve got work to do.
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I accept that I will make mistakes and miscalculations as I progress. I do not let these derail me for long. I do not waste too much energy complaining or regretting. While I do not dismiss my missteps, I know they do not define me. I do not stay stuck in the mud for long, I re-orient myself time and time again to face forward and onward.

{Mother of Swords}

I am unabashedly wise. Within me soars the wisdom of the cosmos, yet I am always learning. I respect my powers of observation and use them to hone my gifts. I do not need to force my viewpoints upon others. Rather, I serve as a beacon to those who would most resonate with my message. I treat all those I encounter with courtesy. I have great respect for my roles as both student and teacher.

I look within myself to assess my skills and abilities. I am fucking SMART! I have wits and intelligence and I see how I can utilize them as I do my day to day thang. As I unlock greater depths of wisdom, I excavate treasure troves of insights. I examine my own experiences and thoughts.

I cultivate my most useful wisdom and share it in my own unique way.
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I am realistic, but optimistic. I ask for guidance, and in turn, I serve as a guide to others. I am open to outside opinions and perspectives, but they do not tarnish my zeal. Ultimately, I trust my internal wisdom as I do good in the world.

{Six of Wands}

I do not expect things to always be easy, floaty, light. I have been through the thickets of doubt, sorrow, confusion, numbness. But I have risen above, and I will rise above again. I choose to follow inspiration, not resistance. I choose to explore the possibilities, the vastness of beauty within me, within my planet, within my fellow lifeforms. I seek the things that lift me up, and I seek to uplift others. The world has enough cynics, I choose to be a believer.

I aspire to fully realize the powers of my self, but I am also led my a higher power. I trust that my life is unfolding as it should. I trust that I am being led to the people, events and experiences that will mold my journey in the most beautiful way. I do not need to rush in order to soar. As I continue to unfold, I am honored to serve as a point of inspiration for others.

It is safe for me to expand into higher and higher landscapes as I seek and heal.
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{The High Priestess}

Sometimes in order to get the most done, I remain still. Sometimes I must hustle, launching myself and my message into the world. Other times I must remain quiet and let my spirit percolate. I am rooted in the world of people, places and things, but I also inhabit a mystical realm of wordless messages and magic.

I respect the powers of logic, but know that they can only get me so far. I consciously use the power of dreams, signs, and synchronicity. I am always in communications with my guides, the universe, spirit. As I listen to the signals I am given, I continue to blend the magical and the mundane. My intuition is a powerhouse, and I turn to it as I navigate my wild and wonderful path.

I am a seeker. I am a healer. I do not need permission. I do not need approval.
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I am here for the messy process of coming alive, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am now ready to go forward and be the bad ass that I am!

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