Mentoring Sessions

Be supported. Get unstuck.

When you are experiencing transformation, having an external support system can be super important. As a mentor, I am here to embolden you through whatever your current experience brings. We connect face to face via Skype, allowing for a really personal and meaningful experience! I’ll give you the blend of compassion and tough love you need to create your path forward.

Working with me in a mentoring session is a little different than a tarot reading. Sometimes we’ll pull a few cards as part of a mentoring session, but these sessions aren’t specifically facilitated with cards.

We will custom-create focus areas for your mentoring sessions. The possibilities are truly endless, but options usually fall into one of two umbrellas: personal or business.

Personal Mentoring focus areas could include:

• Going deeper with your tarot studies
• Unleashing your creativity and getting unstuck
• Developing your spiritual practice
• Exploring your sense of purpose and meaning

Business Mentoring focus areas could include:

• Dreaming and planning your future business
• Expanding your existing business
• Heart-centered approaches to marketing, branding etc
• Bringing authenticity and magic to your offerings

Once you’ve purchased your mentoring session, I’ll check-in with you through email first, offering a few questions to develop general focus areas for our work together. You’ll also get access to my calendar so you can schedule your session at the time that works best for you. Then we’ll be ready to dive in!

Mentoring Session Options

One Hour Mentoring Session $99

I’ll email you within 24 hours of your purchase to chat about focus areas and scheduling.

Three Sessions Package $267

Multiple sessions allows us to go deeper into our work together (and saves you some $). This package includes 3 hour long sessions.

“I loved how down to earth, intuitive and free flowing the mentorship was. The openness felt so RIGHT, each moment was filled with serendipity. That is a rare and wonderful experience. I have transformed my heart, now it’s a matter of continuing to head in this direction.”

“From this mentorship, I learned how to take a more grounded approach to my business. My trajectory is much more aligned to my target because of this experience. Your suggestions and advice have been priceless. You are worth your weight in gold! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I also offer tarot readings.

Carrie Mallon

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