You know those things that are ageless, timeless staples in your life? Think the perfect pair of jeans (or leggings if you’re me), a cozy sweater, your favorite comfort food (peanut butter if you’re me). The things that you can always rely on no matter what the situation. Yeah, the tarot spread I’m going to share with you here has become one of those reliable things for me.

Here’s why this spread works so well: it can be as simple or as complex as the situation demands. This is something I like about most of the go-to three card spreads you see in the tarot world (for example, ‘past-present-future’ or ‘mind-body-spirit’). Size wise, a three card spread is manageable if you’re a beginner, but it can also provide a level of depth to the trained eye.

I am also fond of the versatility this spread offers. I often use it to get a feel for the weekly energy when I do mini-readings every Monday (follow me on Instagram and Facebook for those). When I read tarot at parties, I use this spread to give insight for the seeker’s month ahead. It also works if you’re looking for wisdom around a particular question or focus area. There’s lots of wiggle room here – you can use the spread however you like!

I won’t proclaim that this spread is extremely inventive or creative – but like any good standby it is reliable and useful. I’ll explain the spread below, and I invite you to try it for yourself!

Theme-Challenges-Strengths Tarot Spread

Card one: Theme

This card gives you an overall feel for the big picture lessons and energies that underly the situation. This gives you an idea of the central topic at work. In a nutshell, this card helps you look at the core of what’s happening.

Card two: Challenges

This card gives insight into challenges wrapped up in the situation. This card often ties directly into the theme, and takes things a step further by showing you the difficulties or complexities of the theme.

Card three: Strengths

This card represents the character traits that will help you navigate the situation. This often ties directly into the challenges, offering direct advice on what may be done to work through complexities with grace.

And there you have it – the versatile, flexible Theme-Challenges-Strengths tarot spread! If you try this, I hope it might be as comfortable and useful to you as it is to me. Please let me know if you give this a test drive – I’m curious to know how it goes!

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