It’s pretty surreal for me to think that I have been at this whole blogging and tarot business shebang for TWO WHOLE YEARS NOW! Since March of 2014, I’ve accumulated 211 posts on ye olde blog. Holy smokes!

Today I had the nerdy pleasure of digging through the archives to compile the best posts of year two. Maybe you’re new to my world, or maybe you’ve been hanging around for a while. Either way, here is a delectable sampling platter of what I have to offer!

Creative living, fears, authenticity and bad-assery: these posts talk about it all. Get cozy and delve in.

A Note of Encouragement for Online Creatives
If you share your writing, art or anything else online, this post gives you a dose of reality and a heap of encouragement.

How To Create Mental White Space: Tips from the Page of Swords
You know how your brain sometimes feels like a crowded, hectic zone of chaos? Here are some Page of Swords inspired tips to sort out those tangled thoughts and create mental white space.

All the Fishes in the Sea Could Not Be Happier Than Me
For the first year and a half, my blog and business went by the name Happy Fish Tarot. This post talks about authentic living and why I’ve adapted my own name in business.

It’s Okay If: A Few Reminders for Tough Times
When things get wonky and hard and bleck, sometimes you just need to know that this is okay.

The Beatles and the Major Arcana
This was written purely for my own amusement! My thoughts on which Beatles songs correspond to which major arcana tarot cards.

A Bad Ass Manifesto for the Seekers and Healers
This post is written as an affirmation of bad-assery that you can read and adapt as your own mantra. I also offer personalized Bad Ass Manifesto readings through email.

A Few Things to Accept if You Want to Live a Creative Life
There are heaps of other writers who talk about the flowery, easeful sides of creativity. But I’m drawn to talk more about the resistance, procrastination and difficult sides of creativity. This post talks about accepting the murkier parts of creative living.

From Nonexistent to Novel: Part One, Part Two and Part Three
The only way I can describe these posts is EPIC. This three part series guides you through the novel writing process using tarot. Spreads, suggestions and how-tos; it’s all here. I created this specifically for National Novel Writing Month, but the content could be useful for writing a novel under any circumstances.


If you want to go even deeper, take a peek at the best of the blog, year one.

Here’s to another year of blogs, videos and fresh tarot goodness! New posts go up every Tuesday, so come hang out with me often, mmkay?

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