Card from the Earthbound Oracle

A few things to accept if you want to live a creative life:

  • This road can get bumpy. By living a creative life, you’ll often find yourself whacking your own path through a gnarly wood. While other people elect to take the well-marked, well-lit paths, you’ll be off in a strange wilderness of your own making. This is certainly not the easiest way to live, but it’s the most magical.
  • Fear doesn’t ever really go away. You do, however, get better at recognizing it and moving forward even if it insists on following. Anytime you venture deeper into creative living, fear will require you to gather up your strength and just keep swimming.
  • There’s always another blank page to face. No matter what you did yesterday, “what’s next” is the most important question to ask yourself. This can seem overwhelming, but if you shift your perspective you’ll see it for what it is: the incredible gift of endless possibilities.

  • Droughts are part of the package. Occasionally, you will get stuck. You will get frustrated. You will feel like you can’t tap into the flow. The more you’ve encountered these droughts, though, the more tools you’ll have to maneuver them – and you’ll always find your way back to the stream.
  • Distractions are everywhere. Procrastination, self-doubt, drama… you’ll never have to look hard to find something waiting to take your energy away from creativity. Right when you’ve willed yourself past one distraction, another will always be waiting. This is life. You’ll have to constantly remind yourself what you really want to focus on.
  • Your inner critic is going to be a giant asshole sometimes. Your inner critic will lead you to overthink what you’ve attempted, berate yourself, want to tear everything you’ve created to shreds. You’ll need to get well-acquainted with your inner critic. Accept her as part of you and work to transform her from foe to friend.
  • You’ve probably done more than you give yourself credit for. Seriously, you need to focus as much (or more) on what you HAVE accomplished as what you haven’t. Give yourself credit. Make lists of what you’ve achieved. Remember that any small creative act is worth celebrating.
  • Other people’s reactions aren’t the best gauge of your value. When you present your creative output to others, you’ll occasionally get praise. You’ll probably get some criticism as well. And you’ll often get… no reaction whatsoever. So it goes. Don’t you dare rest the worth of your creativity on someone else’s shoulders!
  • Listening to your deeper Self is wiser than listening to your ego. Your ego might want praise, money, 10k Instagram followers, etc. But what your deeper Self probably wants is expansion, expression and genuine connection. Of course, these things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but beware of your ego telling you one will ALWAYS equate to the other.
  • The hardest, most bullshit feelings can become fuel. I don’t buy into the notion that creative people have to be tormented, suffering souls. But creative people do tend to feel things deeply. You’ll go through inner turmoil and navigate murky inner waters – but there are pearls lurking in those waves. You have the gift of extracting the wisdom in your struggles and alchemizing it into something useful, something beautiful.

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