Since I launched my blog in March 2014, I have posted over 100 times. Wowza! I’ve scrawled about creativity, resistance to creativity, spirituality, existential angst, cats, business and of course…tarot. This week, I rummaged through all this material and composed a list of ten favorites. I hope you will enjoy digging into the Happy Fish highlight reel (first year edition)!

Divine Dissatisfaction :: If you are always nursing a creative ache, you might be living with the gift of divine dissatisfaction. In this post, I talk about the beauty of being simultaneously grateful for where you are while always yearning for what comes next.

Creating When You Feel Like Crap :: “But I don’t feel like it. But I’m tired. But…” If you’re like me, you’ve used these excuses once or twice (or, like, a thousand times) when you didn’t feel like working on a creative project. Here’s a no-frills response to that attitude straight from the tarot cards.

5 Steps to Desire Mapping with Tarot :: Danielle LaPorte gifted us a revolutionary concept: figure out how you want to feel, and then do the things that make you feel that way. In this post, I discussed how tarot can be used as part of the desire mapping process.

Growth Is a Spiral Process, Not a Straight Line :: Wouldn’t it be easy if growth was a tidy and narrow process? If you moved integrated lessons completely and then moved cleanly onto the next phase? The real thing looks a lot more erratic.

Frolicking Through the Major Arcana – A Map of Sorts ::
This post sweeps you into a bird’s eye view of the Major Arcana and how they illustrate human growth and spiritual development. I spent a frick-load of time on this one and I’m proud of the result!

The Loneliness of Being Human :: In this melancholy meets hopeful post, I talk about the paradoxical experience of being completely alone while also being completely connected to All That Is.

Resistance and the War of Art :: Resistance is a powerful force that wants to keep you locked in the status quo. Resistance abhors change and it will pull out all kinds of devilish tricks to keep you still. This posts delves into the mysteries of Resistance and what we can do about it.

Four Tips on Going Pro as a Tarot Reader :: I’m often approached by other brave souls thinking of “going pro” as a tarot reader. In this post I shared some advice ‘n tips for traveling this wild road.

Cheers to the first of what I hope will be many years of writing and sharing. Thank you for reading – it means more to me than you know.

(PS: I invite you to continue visiting regularly, new posts go up every Tuesday).

Peace, love and happy fish,

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