Being mystical me with the Prisma Visions Tarot

“All the fishes in the sea, could not be happier than me.” -Jewel

Changes are coming in my business. It’s about to become even more, well, authentically me.

(TLDR version: starting very soon, will become and I’ll be conducting business under my own name. I wanna explore this shift further, so here we go!)

Authenticity is not a state you can peg down and then just hang out there forever. Your authentic self evolves, expands, changes. Sure, you probably have some solid traits that remain consistent, but others will morph as you experience life. What felt authentic to you a year ago (or a decade ago, or yesterday) might now feel stifling, less like the truth and more like a role you’re playing.

Expressing yourself authentically also inevitably makes you vulnerable. It may sound a bit wonky, but it helps to ask yourself what is the worst that could happen – and remember that these worst-case scenarios are often far hairier in our heads than they are in reality. Let’s look at a few “bad” things that could happen when you show up authentically:

  • People might reject you, or react cynically
  • People might not understand, or try to put you in a box
  • You may feel embarrassed, awkward, lonely
  • You may second guess yourself
  • This is why devoting to authenticity requires resilience and courage and a healthy dose of bad-assery. Maybe you’ll experience some of the things listed above…but you might not experience any of them. Despite the “risks,” humans seem to be magnetically drawn to the downright MAGIC that comes with authenticity. Because here are some more things that might happen when you become more you:

  • People might resonate with you in meaningful, profound ways
  • People might allow themselves greater authenticity thanks to your example
  • You may feel more alive, whole, radiant
  • You may bust right the fuck through the limits you’ve built around yourself
  • Time for me to get a little more personal with all this theoretical stuff!

    When I started my business, using a business name – Happy Fish Tarot – did feel authentic. I was launching a tarot business, after all, and a business needs to have a name…right? I liked the name Happy Fish Tarot. It developed multiple layers of meaning for me over time, and it served me well.

    But as my business grew and taught me more about myself, the name Happy Fish Tarot started to feel a little more like a fortress protecting vulnerable little ME from the frontline. I liked the name, yes, but it was also a way to take the attention off…well, the woman behind the curtain.

    Of course, there are instances in which it is completely logical to use a business name. But Happy Fish Tarot is, and has always been, something deeply personal. It’s a platform that allows me to express and explore my views. It’s a ship I run completely on my own. It’s a business based around on-on-one client work. The common denominator in all this is…well…me.

    As much as that makes me kinda blush and want to hide from the spotlight…there you have it. I won’t hide. I’ll even use a bigger font size! Happy Fish Tarot is, and always has been, Carrie Mallon.

    The thing is, I’ll continue to change and become even MORE me, but I’ll always be me. Using my name in business is liberating. Tarot is something that’s here to stay, but this change is my way of giving myself permission to branch out. Using a business name – especially one with the word ‘tarot’ – was starting to make me feel a touch boxed in. I already blog about all kinds of stuff under the personal growth umbrella: creativity, spirituality, tarot and so on. Using my own name seems more fitting in that sense.

    So, yeah. That’s what’s happening! Within the next week or so, will forward to There will be a few little changes to my site, but my services – tarot readings and mentorships – will remain the same.

    Thanks for hanging out with me on the ride, and remember: it’s ALWAYS worthwhile to make adjustments that allow you to feel more like yourself. In fact, that’s what life is all about.

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