Okay guys… I want to start by acknowledging that I’ve gotten off the rails with blogging lately. Creating stuff regularly – be that blog posts, videos, or podcasts – has been an important point of pride for me in the four (fooooouuuuuurrrr!!!!) years I’ve been running the biz ‘n blog. But the past few months have been more erratic than I would have liked.

Even though I’ve sort of MIA from the blog and your inbox, I’ve still been engaged in lots of stuff behind the scenes. I am blessed to be working with many awesome clients, plus I’m dabbling in two Very Big Projects which are currently secret but at least one of them will be announced within the next couple of months!

Even so, there’s really not an excuse for me to fall of the blogging wagon. I miss creating content regularly, it gives me an anchor. So I’m setting the intention to get back on track! And to get some momentum going, I dug through my archives today to revisit some of the good stuff I’ve created within the last year or so.

As I excitedly pointed out above, I’ve just passed my FOUR YEAR anniversary of the weird and wonderful work that I do in the world. Four years of tarot readings and mentoring sessions. Four years of writing, creating, expressing, sharing. Fooouuuurrrr whole yeaaaaars (Oprah voice)! Maybe you’ve found me recently or maybe you’ve been around since day one. Either way, thank you so much for being here. I hope you find some value in what I offer.

I have a tradition in which each year when I hit my biz-blog-aversary, I make a ‘best of’ post to share some highlights of what I created throughout the year. This year we have an eclectic mix of written content and some audio content as well! So take a listen or take a read – below you’ll find a savory tasting platter of grade A content.

When Toxic People Are Healers
This blog post nudges you to reframe how you view the “toxic people” in your life. There’s also a tarot spread for you to try.

How and Why To Make Blackout Poetry
Making blackout poetry has been such a cathartic practice for me this year. This blog post walks you through how to start making your own blackout poems.

Five Tarot Cards To Meditate on For Tough Times
Thoughts on cards to reference when the world seems violent and scary.

How To Read The Court Cards (The Easiest Way)
If the court cards baffle you, check out this really effective system for understanding them. Includes a free worksheet for you to incorporate what you learn.

Tarot as a Therapeutic Tool w/Andy Matzner
An episode of the Key Finding Podcast in which I talk to psychotherapist Andy Matzner about how tarot can be used for healing and self-discovery. It’s such a rich conversation!

How To Give A Meaningful Tarot Reading
This might be my very favorite episode of the podcast. I cover so many specific ways you can make your readings more impactful. If you want to take your readings to the next level, this is a must-listen.


Wander even deeper into archived treasures: check out the ‘best of’ posts for year one, year two, and year three.

Here’s to another year of creating,

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