I love finding and creating interesting ways to use tarot as a tool for self-discovery, and I LOVE talking to other people doing really neat things with the cards. And so needless to say, I was so excited to have the chance to speak to Andy Matzner for this episode of Key Finding!

Andy is a licensed clinical social worker, a psychotherapist and the author of The Tarot Activity Book. I am so fascinated by his work, and in particular by the ways that he uses tarot as a therapeutic tool! His book has quickly become one of my favorite tarot books, packed full of powerful tarot exercises that guide you deeper into your psyche. 

As you’ll hear on the podcast, Andy walked me through a simple (but potent!) exercise from his book. He has also generously offered to share a few additional activities from his book that you can try for yourself. You’ll find those included in this blog post.

During our chat on the podcast, we discuss:

-How the mainstream perception of tarot has been shifting
-Why tarot works so well as a therapeutic tool
-Ways to respond to tarot skeptics or naysayers
-Plus ALL kinds of other stuff!

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Or listen via Soundcloud here:

Sample Exercises from The Tarot Activity Book:

Go through your tarot deck and pick four cards. The first represents a problem you are having. The second represents an obstacle that is preventing you from overcoming this problem. The third card represents what it is that will allow you to remove that obstacle. And the fourth card represents you without your problem.


Complete each of the following sentences by choosing cards from your deck:
– Currently, my life is like
– I would like my life to be like
– Work is like
– I would like work to be like
– Money is like
– My higher power is like
– My family is like


Go through your tarot deck and find a card that represents the dragon you are struggling with in your life. Then choose one or more cards that will assist you in slaying this dragon. Finally, decide which card represents the treasure that will be yours once the dragon is vanquished.


Pick a card to represent your inner critic. Ask it:
– Where did you come from?
– What do you want from me?
– How do you keep me stuck?
– How can you help me?
– What can you teach me?
– What are you afraid of?
– How can we compromise?
– Do I need to fully let you go or is it better for you to still have a place in my psyche?


The Tarot Activity Book by Andy Matzner
Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

Find Andy online:


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