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If you are moved to discover endless wonders about yourself and the universe
(and the universe within yourself) – this space is for you.

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And if you are at home in the realm where spirituality meets psychology and
logic meets intuition, this space is dearly intended for you.


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A free reading for you

Let's try something different today! For the latter part of 2018, I was regularly offering free readings each Tuesday on my Instagram stories (Tarot Tuesday, w00t w00t!). Sometimes I opened up the floor for people to send in questions, other times I'd offer...

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The Spacious Tarot updates, January 2019

The first thing I want to say is THANK YOU to every single person who has expressed excitement about The Spacious Tarot, the deck I'm creating with Annie Ruygt. I'm not sure how to say this without sounding cliche, but it's the truth from our hearts: your encouraging...

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A bumpy take-off into 2019

Yesterday was January 1, 2019. At 9am I set the intention to have a sugar-free month during January. At approximately 12:15pm I consumed a delicious decandent bread pudding, which, as you may have guessed, was sugary AF. Whenever I do things like this, I try to find...

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A tarot ritual to complete 2018

I used to approach this time of year with a very forward-focused mentality. It is exciting to start dreaming about the new year! But in more recent years I've had to remind myself that integrating the previous year is just as important as preparing for the new...

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Gift ideas for mystics and weirdos

You know what I don’t like? Our culture’s focus on selling cheap, poorly made, pointless junk in order to make more and more and more $$$. I also don’t like the implied assumption of corporations that we need certain external objects in order to...

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