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Lately on the blog…

I love my noisy mind

I meditated every day during June, and here is the main thing I learned: for me, meditation is not about silencing my mind. Meditation is about being less attached to my thoughts, stepping into a state of awareness, not assuming that my thoughts are what defines me....

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Engage with the world while you’re here

I told myself I'd write a blog post every day this week but I skipped yesterday. It was Saturday, and I was out in the world doing many things: reuniting with a friend I haven't seen in nearly two years, attending a Families Belong Together protest, making vegan...

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Making space for life to talk to you

I've been somewhat of a straggler when it comes to technology. I remember being annoyed when text messages first became a thing, and for several years I was always yelling at my friends to quit texting me because my cell plan only included something like 30 texts a...

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How to stay informed without losing your shit (part two)

If you missed part one of this series, you might want to read that first. Or, just be a rebel and read this one right now! We’re talking about how to stay up to date with the news of the world without totally falling apart in the process. Don’t jump ten steps forward....

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How to stay informed without losing your shit (part one)

During the last few months of the vitriolic US presidential election, I started a descent into a very dark place, a dark place worsened by constant exposure to bad news, then more bad news, then worse news. I’m still trying to fully pull myself out of that dark place...

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A question that changes everything

Lately I’ve been making a habit of asking myself the following question: Is this nourishing me or is this poisoning me? I got this inquiry from Martha Beck, whom I mentioned in my last post as well (clearly I’m on a kick lately). It’s one of those things that sounds...

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