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This is not a boring post about morning routines

Alright, people. This is not a boring post about morning routines... it’s an exciting one! Or at least an informative one! I know the internet is already brimming with posts about people’s picture-perfect morning routines, so I hesitated to write this. But...

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You don’t get to the finish line and quit

I like starting things. Starting things is sexy and exciting, at the beginning of each new project things feel brimming with potential and momentum. I’m great at starting things! But you know what I’m not so good at? ….finishing things. It’s...

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Dealing with “stalker” cards

Sometimes a certain card just does NOT want to leave you alone. If you’ve been practicing tarot for a while you’ve probably had this experience of seeing the same card come up again. And again. And again! A lot of tarot readers refer to these as...

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How to custom-create a tarot spread

When I read tarot for my clients, I almost always use customized spreads. Putting together a spread can be an enjoyable creative process, plus it allows me to really hone in on each specific seeker’s needs. In this post, I’m sharing the process I use to...

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How to Fear Dump (methods for surrendering fear)

There's this interesting thing that happens to a lot of people when they start a creative project or embark on any type of positive life change. Maybe you can relate? It goes something like this: you get an idea. The idea excites you. You get ready to breathe some...

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Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment

The Moon is one of my favorite cards in any deck (even though I try not to play favorites, each card is important to me in its own way). I came across a quote from Rumi this week, one I'd never heard before, and it felt very in alignment with the tarot's Moon...

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