In the tarot, we find slices of our own lives. The cards align with aspects of the human experience that are as universal as they are deeply personal. With a deck of tarot cards as your ally, you can embark on a wildly adventurous journey into your own bad-assery. I’ve got something free and awesome to help you blaze your trail!

The Tarot Reader’s Daily Companion:
fourteen days of tarot-inspired self-discovery

I created this ebook as a free gift for my newsletter subscribers. In these pages, you’ll find an assortment of goodies: tarot spreads, quotes, lessons on expanding as a tarot reader and more. For fourteen days, you will be led through a process of soul-diving and illumination. You’ll walk away feeling better acquainted with yourself, and equipped with new creative ways to use your cards!

This book is for you if:

  • You’re drawn to self-reflection, wonder and mystery.
  • You sometimes feel stuck and are seeking inspiration.
  • You know tarot basics and desire to develop a deeper relationship with your cards and yourself.
  • You’re down for a fourteen day dose of magic and wisdom!
  • This book was born out of my genuine experiences – I’ve outlined ways that I have personally expanded by working with the cards. I hope that this book will be an encouraging and useful companion for you. Sign up for my monthly email newsletter below, and in return you’ll get this lovingly crafted (and freeeee!) ebook!

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