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Lately on the blog…

The Spacious Tarot updates, April 2019

It's about time for another update on the status of the deck I'm creating with Annie Ruygt, isn't it?! Even though I've been posting pretty regularly on the deck's Instagram page, it's been quite a while since the last blog post. And just in case you missed it over on...

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Breaking the Wheel tarot spread

I arrived very late to the Game of Thrones party - I binged the entire show starting in February and got caught up just in time to watch the premiere of the final season. I'll try to keep this relatively spoiler-free, but I had to mention the show as it was the...

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Synchronistic greetings from the Luminous Void

Hello! It’s your friendly neighborhood Carrie, emerging from the shadows. I’ve been neglectful of the blog and newsletter, and I regret this. Spending time here and connecting to you in this way is very valuable to me. I want to do a better job of honoring...

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Embrace, Erase, Face

Hardly a day goes by that I'm not shuffling a pack of cards. Tarot is a central part of my life, obviously! Even so, it has actually been quite a while since I've done a spread for myself. I still do a daily draw for myself, but that just involves pulling one...

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Eight reasons to go social media free for 30 days

I have to say, I feel better today than I have for a long time. There are a few reasons: The Spacious Tarot is going well*. February is finally drawing to an end, which means Pisces season is upon us (don't let the door hit you on the way out, Aquarius season!)....

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Tarot Tuesday :: February 19, 2019

Many of you sent me lovely emails saying you enjoyed the mini-readings last week, so I'm back with another round! Here's how this works: take a moment to center yourself. When you feel ready, pick a number: one or two. Then, scroll down and listen to the reading that...

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