I’ve written interpretations for every card in the Wild Unknown Tarot. As the box of the deck states, there are no rights or wrongs. These are simply my perspectives on the tarot card meanings. I hope you find them useful!
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Mother of Cups :: Wild Unknown Tarot

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The Mother of Cups (traditionally known as the Queen) lives in a world shrouded by both mystery and beauty. She dwells in the night-time, just as the Empress and the High Priestess did. Night-time is the realm of the feminine and of inward flowing energy. However, if you look closely, there are white vertical lines dispersed in the black background. There’s a bit of the opposite contained within the darkness.

The Mother herself stands out, a white swan against a black background. She faces to the left, the direction associated with mystery and yin energy. One wing is outstretched gracefully over an intricate goblet. Blue, purple and pink stars sparsely dot the sky behind her. These colors are often associated with spirituality and receptivity.

The Mother of Cups has more mature emotional intelligence than the son or daughter. She is wise to the deeper implications of the world, she sees more than just what meets the eye. She is highly sensitive, yet does not let her sensitivities overwhelm her. Her intuition can seem almost magical. She easily senses what type of care and love is needed in a given situation.

She feels a deep connection to many different life forms. She is sensitive to the world of dreams and myths. She embodies the ideals of living with kindness and compassion.

In a reading, the Mother of Cups can ask you to tap into the traits within yourself that align with her personality. Emotional sensitivity could be needed in a situation. This card can be a gentle reminder to tune into your own feeling states as well as the feeling states of others. There is a time for rationality and logic, but the Mother of Cups reminds us that intuition, trust and the whole spectrum of human emotion can and should also be integrated into our daily lives.

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