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A tarot reading for navigating the US election

October 18th, 2016

I would be lying if I said I’ve had an abundance of mental space lately for anything other than the upcoming US presidential election. I’m guessing many of you can relate. Maybe your Facebook feed has become volatile, maybe you’ve clashed with friends and relatives over political ideologies. Maybe you’re just plain disheartened that a person who has recently bragged about sexually aggressive behavior (amount many other terrible things) is even on the ballot.

I know you may not live in the US, but I’ve seen this election stressing out even many of my international friends. Borders are just imaginary lines humans create. What happens in one part of the world matters to us all.

The point is that this election season has been a wild ride. And not in the fun, “whee I’m on a roller coaster!” kind of way. More in the “ugggh, if this thing doesn’t stop I may puke!” kind of way.

I’ve decided to do a tarot reading for myself to help me navigate the rest of this election cycle. In particular, I’m looking for ways I can maintain my sense of empathy and composure as this seeming-madness whirls. I’m sharing the reading here in hopes that some of these messages might resonate with you guys, as well. I’m using the Centennial Waite-Smith tarot deck, pictured above.


To begin, the Ace of Cups was drawn to show lessons available to me during this election cycle. Like many of us sometimes do, I have found myself having a tendency to fixate on what I perceive as the wrongdoings and harmful beliefs of others. This card is asking me to reframe where the majority of my energy is going. Calling out insidious behaviors can be healthy, to an extent – but is it really the best use of my energy ALL THE TIME?

Instead of only lamenting what is wrong in the outer world, it is also important to turn to what is right in my inner world. What kindness do I have that I can offer during a time when many people are feeling badly? How can I cultivate a sense of empathy even for those with whom I disagree? And most importantly, even when it seems so hard to do so…how can I offer love? This card inspires me to answer these questions for myself.

I am being asked to reflect upon my spiritual beliefs and feelings. One of my core spiritual beliefs is that we are one. Universal energy manifests in a multitude of ways, and we are individuals, yes. But we are also all part of a whole. The Ace of Cups asks me to strip back all my superfluous feelings and emotional reactions to this election. When I strip those back, I find myself in the knowledge that we are all connected. And when I return to that knowledge, I have the ability to live in a more generous way. When all is peeled back, love remains at the core.

The Star reversed gives further advice on how I might navigate challenges during this election. One particularly dangerous game that some politicians play is to try to lessen our sense of connectedness. They tell a story that insists that others are solely out to get us, that we must stake our claim on our territory and keep everyone “different” away. Anyone who is “other,” these politicians espouse, will take advantage of our vulnerability.

This card asks me to remember that this is only a political narrative. It is not the truth. In fact, it is when we allow ourselves to put down our barriers and actually connect with people that the most beautiful moments of humanity unfold. Instead of believing that I am unsafe, the Star asks me to believe that I am supported. Instead of believing that I can never reveal the truth of who I am to others, the Star asks me to continue showing up in radiant authenticity.

I have heard many people describe “losing faith in humanity” lately. But truly, what I should strive to do is to constantly affirm my faith in humanity. Instead of wallowing in the behavior of a few shitty people, it is important for me to consciously seek the good that people are doing. How can I show more appreciation for those working to heal racial divides? How can I uplift others doing spiritual and healing work in the world? How can I raise the voices of artists, mothers, fathers, poets, scientists and the wide array of other people who are actively doing good? Despair gets me nowhere. It is far more valuable for me to affirm a stance of hope and faith.

Finally, Judgement gives a few last pieces of final advice as I navigate this election season. Ultimately, I could choose to see this as a season of horror. But I can also choose to see it as a tipping point for humanity. Even when it may not seem so, more and more humans are “waking up” and taking meaningful steps to make this world a more peaceful, kind and aligned place. Sure, I can spend a lot of energy ruminating on all the people that still seem to be asleep and destructive.

But why curse those who are sleeping when you can join the ranks of those who are awake? Why give power to those who are selfish when I can stand in solidarity with those who are compassionate? The world is a better place than politicians with an agenda would have us believe. And I am being asked to unwaveringly stay on the team of those who are awake, those who are transforming this world into an even more wondrous place.

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When intuitive knowing meanders and shifts

October 11th, 2016

image from the Japaridze Tarot

I run in the circles of tarot, metaphysics and new-age spirituality. And love this circle as I do, this realm can lead us to over-simplify things. You know, we talk about following our intuition as though we all have this super clear, totally certain intuitive knowing that leads us effortlessly to the truth.

You’ve probably heard the advice that goes: just trust your intuition. Tune into your inner knowing. Let the truth reveal itself to you.

I guess I should clarify here that I do, of course, believe in intuitive knowing! I think mainstream culture still has a lot of disdain for the concept of intuitive knowing, much preferring to approach things through rational knowing. This is probably why the subcultures that value intuitive knowing seem to thrive – there’s not a place for us at the mainstream table, so we’ve established our own little corners of existence.

The thing we sometimes skip over, though, in our intuition-promoting circles, is that intuitive knowing sometimes circles, snakes, zig zags and meanders. This type of knowing doesn’t always appear within us as a sudden burst of clarity. Instead, it often unfolds in strange ways, dropping clues and breadcrumbs. Identifying the truth that your intuition is guiding you towards can indeed be quite like solving a puzzle.

And then, sometimes we think we’ve reached a place of intuitive knowing. We think we know our purpose, we think we’ve nailed down the truth, we think know what it is we are meant to do from here. And perhaps that answer is right for the time being. But eventually, we may find we are pulled to go deeper. That, in fact, the core truth is still a few layers deeper than where we’ve arrived.

This can be exhausting. After all, humans as a general rule do not like uncertainty. We crave that aha moment, we crave the solid understanding of who we are and what we are here to do. And when we seem to find that solid understanding, we cling to it. We don’t want to go deeper. We don’t want to be uprooted again. We want to, at long last, find nirvana and set up permanent camp there.

But this is rarely the way the truth works. The truth reveals itself in layers. What right now might seem like an ultimate and final intuitive knowing may actually only be a sliver of the big picture. It’s much like the image of the High Priestess sitting in front of the veil. The entire veil is not dropped at once. We get a peek of corners, we get various viewpoints of what lies beyond that veil. But the entire illusion is not dispelled in one fell swoop.

Ironically, it is clear that I can’t get at the core of the truth with what I’m trying to write here! And that is because the truth does move at it’s own pace. I’m still working through it. Intuitive knowing reveals itself in layers, in a spiral journey.

If you do know right now – if the truth (or at least the current manifestation of the truth) has unfolded within you…yeah. That’s powerful. Act on that knowledge! Respect your awareness.

But if you don’t know…if you feel like you’ve long been stumbling towards the truth only to find more and more diversions and dead-ends and labyrinths…know that this is okay. There is no race. The truth moves at it’s own pace. Sometimes the wandering is necessary. Sometimes the deeply frustrating moments of unknowing are exactly what you need before setting into the truth. And of course, even once you’ve settled into the truth, you’ll likely find the truth shifting yet again, sooner or later.

This is another lesson of the High Priestess. She is comfortable existing with mysteries. She’s invested in the truth, but she’s not addicted to truth. She trusts the unfolding of her own knowing, glimpsing beyond the veil in bits and pieces, engaged in a never-ending dance with the truth. When the time comes to hone in on the truth, she does not resist. But when the truth is evasive, she does not despair. She unites herself with the mystery, letting the truth move to it’s own rhythm.

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Write your own introspective tarot flash fiction

October 4th, 2016

There are two things that always happens to me when October arrives. The first is that my pull to introspection deepens: I crave wide open hours spent with steaming mugs of tea, glowing candles, journals, crystals and cards. The second thing is that I want to write fiction: I want to witness narratives emerging from the ether and taking shape on the page.

This October, I’m realizing I want to do both of these things at once. I want to reflect on my personal journey, and I want to write fiction inspired by that assessment. I don’t just want to ploddingly write about the “facts” of my current life. I want to take a more magical approach. I want to take creative liberties and tell a slice of my own story not literally, but mythically.

Of course, tarot lends itself nicely to this process! I’m going to show you how I’m going about writing my own introspective tarot flash fiction. I hope you’ll decide to try it for yourself.



As a side note: I’m calling this tarot flash fiction, but is it truly fiction? The aim here is to write semi-autobiographical fiction: a story about you that may not be literally true, but points to metaphorical truths. What we’re doing, you could say, is writing a short myth about ourselves.

Myths are an integral part of being human. For time immemorial, myths have provided entertainment, but they do much more than that. Myths help us understand our place in the cosmos, myths reflect the workings of our inner worlds.

Joseph Campbell pointed out that myths can “conceal OR reveal” the truth. This exercise in writing your own introspective piece of flash fiction is not about concealment! It’s not about avoidance or pie-in-the-sky fantasies. It’s about revealing your truth by putting it through a different filter, by allowing wisdom to be expressed in an alternate paradigm. Sometimes the truth is best revealed not by barraging it head on, but by approaching it from an unconventional angle.

You can go about this exercise in whatever way feels right to you. Perhaps there’s a specific something you want to write about: a challenge you’ve been grappling with, a recent influential experience. If so, keep that concept in mind as you shuffle your cards. But you can also approach this from a blank slate, going in without a plan and taking note of the story that naturally takes shape in your cards.

It could be useful to do a brief meditation before you pull your cards. This way, you can get yourself in an open, receptive mindset. This exercise is different than doing a traditional tarot reading. Don’t worry as much about traditional card meanings. Let yourself be inspired by the images – in fact, I think it would be great to use a deck with a lot of really rich imagery. Think of your cards as open ended prompts.

Get your chosen deck, shuffle well and then draw four cards. The cards will prompt your story as follows:

Where I was
Where I am
Plot twist
Where I will be



Flash fiction gets the name because it’s brief. Write as much or as little as you feel inspired to do for your story. If you find you focus best when talking, you could speak your story out loud and record yourself. Or, if you’re like me and express yourself more naturally through writing, you can draw your cards and then type out your story.

I find this works best if you really put your inner editor on hold. This isn’t about writing something flawless. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be about writing something that makes sense! Instead, this introspective tarot flash fiction is about letting your pulse of self-expression beat freely.

As you can tell, there’s really no wrong way to do this! I hope that I’ve given you some useful guidelines, but you can truly take this concept and make it your own. Just as an example, I’ll show you my cards and resulting tarot flash fiction. The past two or three months have been a bit tumultuous for me, so I’m thinking about centering my story around that. I’m using the Lumina Tarot (my cards are pictured earlier in this post).

Where I was: Seven of Swords
Where I am: Two of Cups
Plot Twist: The Hierophant
Where I will be: Four of Swords

I sat alone on the mountain for aeons, watching the sky turn violent. Swords attacked the moon, that heavenly body that I once thought impenetrable. The world around me looked flat and monochrome, like TV static. The air I tried to breathe was thin and ragged. My bones were heavy and try as I might I was fixed in place, nowhere to look but straight at the celestial onslaught.

Dawn came, despite my inkling that it would not. My limbs began to loosen and I found the desire to move returning. As I watched the sky morph from darker to lighter, a new perspective began to take shape. Perhaps the war I had witnessed above was only a reflection of the wounds of my soul. As above, so below; they say.

Was I asleep or awake? I was moving someplace between the two when I was approached by a winged creature. “You have been waffing about and assuming the worst,” it said not unkindly, it’s voice as rich as silk. “But now, you can grasp a new way of being. You are supported, you are loved. You are love! You are not here to wallow in the darkness that ensnares the moon. You are here to bring color and life to the heavens and the earth.”

I nodded. I stretched my arms, mirroring the expansion of the creatures wings. “Yes,” I agreed, my voice thick in my throat but strong. “I am certain this is true.” As I spoke, the moon smiled down, liberated. Whole. I felt luminous, too. As within, so without.

With the winged creature as my witness, I stood up tall and solid, letting the potency within me radiate outward and into the expanse. I vowed to no longer sit idly by in a monochrome trap, but instead to wield great powers. To teach. To learn. To embody the energy of life, vibrancy and resilience. Perhaps, I thought, I am learning to see myself not as a witness to destruction, but as an agent of creation. I am learning not to fear decay, but to embrace a vaster scale of life.

This vibrancy of evolution, I knew, would take time to integrate. Instead of rushing out into the world of action, I sat down. But this time I sat not out of weakness or fear, but as a contemplative respite. I offered companionship and gratitude to the winged creature who offered me such insight. When I gazed up again at the moon, I was in the presence of an all consuming, ever-expanding pool of radiance. As it should be.

I hope you will give writing your own tarot flash fiction a try. If you do, make sure to leave me a comment and tell me how it goes!

Also, National Novel Writing Month is coming up! For more inspiration on using tarot for writing, check out this three part tutorial I created last year. It’s packed with spreads and advice on using tarot to write your novel.

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