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The healing process: pain is required

August 23rd, 2016

There’s a particular blip of the tarot’s major arcana that’s always fascinated me, the sequence of cards 15 through 17: The Devil, The Tower and The Star (shown here from the CBD Tarot De Marseille).

To me, these three cards illustrate the healing process. When I talk about healing here, I’m talking about spiritual and emotional healing. I’m talking about healing the traumas of our personal pasts, healing our addictions, healing the enslaving tendencies of our egos, healing the gap between our subconsciousness and our consciousness.

What associations do you have with the notion of healing? Maybe you associate healing with the concept of wholeness. Acceptance. Serenity. Peace. Recovery. Rejuvenation. I think these are the associations many of us jump to. And these things are part of the healing process…but the catch is, these things come in the final stage of the healing process, represented above by the Star.

We don’t talk as much about the things that happen earlier in the process, because they aren’t as desirable. But if you’re really devoted to healing, you’ll eventually have to accept that you can’t jump straight to the Star. First, you have to go through the pain represented by the Devil and the Tower.

Keep in mind that the healing process looks wildly different in each of its manifestations, but here are a few broad strokes outlines of the phases you might encounter.

The Healing Process Phase 1: The Devil

The onset of the healing process comes when you acknowledge that you are being weighed down by pain. You finally see that you are being imprisoned, and even if part of you wants to cling to that thing, part of you knows that you need to release.

The key point of this phase is learning to look directly at the problem. Instead of letting things remain vaguely unsettling notions, during the Devil phase of healing you begin to name your captor. You learn to look directly at what it is that is unwell within you.

This acknowledgement alone is a huge step. Before this point, you were a blind prisoner. Now, you have the conscious knowledge that healing is required. This doesn’t mean you’ll willing jump into healing work right away, but it does mean you’ve reclaimed the power to do so.

During this phase of the healing process, you usually feel a LOT of resistance. You’ll backslide on promises you make to yourself, you’ll relapse into your old patterns, you’ll rage with anger, you’ll blame others (and yourself), you might feel cynical or depressed. You might wonder what the POINT is of even attempting to heal. Sometimes we remain stuck in this phase for a long, long time.

But inevitably during this stage, you’ve gained a huge advantage: the willingness to look at your wounds, and the knowledge that simply acknowledging the pain makes you stronger. For the first time, you begin to realize that facing your pain will not kill you.

Phase 2: The Tower

During the Tower phase of healing, you are swept directly into the chaos of letting go. Sometimes this happens because you consciously chose to step into the storm, other times the Universe thrusts you in whether you’re ready or not.

This is an unsettling experience – you know you’ll no longer be the person you were before, but you can’t quite envision where you’ll end up. You may actually feel the physical sensations of being ungrounded, as though you were being flung about like the figures on the card.

Purging is one of the hallmarks of this phase in the healing process. You’ll spend time sorting through heaps of memories, old energy, blocks, and other painful stuff. At times, it will feel like too much to handle. You may do a lot of what Oprah calls “ugly crying.” You may also do a lot of laughing, too – because even though this phase is terrifying, it’s also exhilarating.

Perhaps most notably, this phase puts you in a direct experience of chaos. You will have to call back to the knowledge you first gleaned from the Devil, but may forget as healing continues: this pain will not kill you. Quite the opposite, going through this pain is the ONLY sustainable route to healing.

You’ll gradually gain a new understanding of who you are. Instead of defining yourself as a victim, you’ll find a new identity as a survivor. Instead of identifying yourself as flawed, you find that you are free.

Phase 3: The Star

The Star is the calm after the storm. This is the kind of inner peace that you can only fully appreciate when you’ve earned it. And earned it you have! You’ve learned to look at your demons. You’ve done the messy, treacherous, soul-jarring work of release. Now, you feel composed. You are at home within yourself.

Here, you step into a new way of being: you are healed. You gently learn how to sustain this state, because healing always requires checking in and maintenance, even once the intense inner work is done.

And then, of course, you may eventually be called once again to repeat the healing process. There will be deeper levels to excavate, there will be more corners to explore, there will be new vistas of chaos to embrace.

Yes, healing requires pain. And so you’ve got to ask yourself to choose:

Do you keep bearing the unconscious, soul-numbing pain that comes from refusing inner work? That’s no way to live.

Instead, let’s embrace the conscious, spiritually potent pain that is essential to the healing process.

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Kill your darlings, crush your castles (video)

August 16th, 2016

Hello friends,

Kill your darlings, crush your castles…it may sound like I’m asking you to burst into violent upheaval, but I’m not (at least not literally!).

What we’re talking about here is finding the gumption to kill your darlings when they are no longer in synch with the greater spectrum of your life. Because sometimes life asks you to make this difficult choice:

Should I stick with something I worked so hard towards creating, even if it now feels like a prison? Or should I find the courage to “kill my darlings,” should I destroy what I lovingly built in order to make space for something even better?

Let’s talk about that!



What do you think? Have you ever made the choice to kill your own darlings? What darlings do you need to kill now – and how can you find the courage to throw that first stone?

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Refer to this when you need reminders of what’s important

August 9th, 2016

What a strange thing it is to be a human! We’re unceremoniously flung into this strange adventure on this lush planet. There’s no instruction manual, no agreed upon “right way” to live. That’s part of the adventure; we get to figure out for ourselves what is important.

I’m pretty far from having figured out this whole life thing, but there are a few things I believe are important for me. I sometimes find I have to remind myself of these things again and again. And so today, I composed a few of them in a list for future reference.

What’s important for me may not feel so important for you, and vice versa. That’s okay. But despite the wildly unique facets of our souls, perhaps you’ll find something in my list that seems like a good reminder for you, too. Here we go…

It’s more important to be authentic than to be original.

It’s more important to regularly reconsider your vision than to doggedly stick to a plan.

It’s more important to be creatively expressive than critically acclaimed.

It’s more important to admit you don’t know than to appear “wise”.

It’s more important to consciously relax than to mindlessly numb.

It’s more important to live like you have finite time than to delay what matters.

It’s more important to feel all your feelings than to repress and let them become toxic.

It’s more important to be real than to be polished.

It’s more important to be deeply engaged than to be “just killing time.”

It’s more important to listen to your inner encourager than to obey your inner naysayer.

It’s more important to be expansive than comfortable.

It’s more important to hold space for someone’s concerns than to solve them.

It’s more important to have curiosity than answers.

It’s more important to be relatively constructive than to “save the world.”

It’s more important to have integrity than to comply.

It’s more important to live your own values than to convert anyone else to your values.

It’s more important to be present for the whole spectrum of life than to avoid pain.

It’s more important to gently redirect yourself than to scorch yourself for your mistakes.

It’s more important to take the next small step than to reach the finish line.

It’s more important to be genuinely broken than artificially whole.

It’s more important to be a force for healing than to succumb to despair.

It’s more important to arise from the ashes than to never crash.

It’s more important to sit with the mystery than to pin down the meaning.

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