It is a true fact that occasionally I get on a camera and record words coming out of my mouth. The video contained here is proof of this! Usually when I make a video I try to have some notes and a pre-determined topic, but in this case I was more spontaneous. So if you’re a fan of comfy rambly videos, maybe you’ll like this one!

I talk about social media as a comfort zone and what I’m going to do instead of complaining about Instagram’s algorithm. I also go on what you could almost call a rant about the types of people who come to me for tarot readings. There’s already some pretty interesting comments for this video on YouTube, so check those out and join the conversation if you feel so inclined!


Near the end of this video I talk about my tarot clients. I forgot to mention something that would have been relevant in the context of this video, which is that I have quite a lot of clients who are mental health professionals. I’ve found that many people who work in the mental health field are interested in tarot, and I’ve even encountered a few mental health professionals who incorporate tarot in their practice. One notable example is Andy Matzner, a psychotherapist who I spoke to for my old podcast, Key Finding. You can listen to our conversation here.

Other people/things I mention in this video:

Imogen Walters

Jessi Huntenburg

Mnomquah’s blog post

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