Maybe you’re totally new to tarot and feel overwhelmed about where to begin.

Or maybe you’ve been working with the cards for a while, but things aren’t totally clicking yet.

If either of these ring true, this course is for you!

Foundational Tarot is a free video course which teaches several useful frameworks for learning tarot. Get immediate access by signing up for my mailing list below. 

Begin or deepen your tarot studies with
Foundational Tarot, my free video course!
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Here’s a peek at some of what you’ll learn in each section of the four part course:

Part 1: The Energy You Bring To Your Tarot Studies

  • How to minimize overwhelm
  • What to focus on instead of memorizing card meanings

Part 2: The Broad View

  • How tarot ‘works’
  • How to define your tarot intentions (and why this is important)
  • What intuition is and why it’s actually a good thing to question your intuition (juicy stuff!)

Part 3: Foundational Tarot

  • The overall components of a deck and how they harmonize
  • A map for understanding the major arcana
  • What each of the four suits is all about
  • A numerology framework for understanding cards Ace through Ten
  • How to become acquainted with the court cards

Part 4: Conducting Readings

  • Guidelines for looking up card meanings
  • How to interpret reversed cards
  • How to prepare for a reading
  • The 7 best practices for working with spreads

I am a big believer that you’re never done learning tarot, and of course we can’t cover everything in one short course! But I’ve packed as much value as I can into this offering and I hope you will find something useful here.

Additional resources mentioned in Foundational Tarot:

78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack
Everyday Tarot by Gail Fairfield

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Begin or deepen your tarot studies with
Foundational Tarot, my free video course!
Join the email list for instant access.


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