In many readings that I do for clients, the cards want to talk about the energies at work in the person’s inner world, and the energies at work in the person’s outer world. It is interesting enough to look at these energies separately, but it’s entirely fascinating to consider how these factors together influence your current experience overall.

As I was thinking about this today, the concept for a simple three card spread came to me, and so I’m going to share it with you here. Here’s a visual of the spread – feel free to pin it!

I encourage you to try this spread for yourself and see what comes up for you personally, if you’d like. You’re also welcome to leave a comment and let me know how it goes for you!

I’m also going to try out this spread by offering a collective reading, with the hope that anyone who reads this can pick out the aspects that resonate for them right now. You’ll find that reading below!

A reading for the collective

I’ll be using the Dreaming Way Tarot for this reading. I’ve shuffled the cards while asking to be guided to the cards and messages that will be the most useful for us.

Considering your inner world, the Queen of Swords suggests that you have recently made some important shifts in how you perceive certain challenges. Things that have caused you a lot of worry over a long period of time might now be slowly seeming more manageable. It’s not that the problem does not persist, but that you have realized that you are more capable than you previously thought of solving the problem.

There’s still a tough road to walk from here. There’s still work to be done, and you might find yourself occasionally back in a fit of fretting. But you can sense on some level that you’ve transformed. You’ve become more aligned with your own wisdom, and from here perhaps you can experiment with really TRUSTING that wisdom. The important thing right now is to move forward into the ACTION phase once you sense you’re ready.

Right now you’re likely still coming to terms with things, still hatching the plan of how you can best proceed. That’s okay. Give yourself the space and time you need to think, plan and ponder. But when you know it’s the time to take direct action, don’t delay.

Regarding your outer world, The Star suggests you’re realizing you are not alone. Although your challenges might be acutely unique to you, you may now be starting to see how they tie into challenges faced on a wider scale. It might seem like all around you, you’re witnessing people rising up. If you look for them, you’ll see so many examples of people “being the change” they wish to see. And if you let it, witnessing this energy externally can inspire you as you continue navigating your own internal process.

For some time, you might have looked out at your external world with a focus on what was going wrong. This was likely not because you chose to do so, but rather something that happened subconsciously. During this phase, you may have found yourself intensely fixated on all the greed, suffering and selfishness in the world. But now, you have the chance to experience the phenomenal magic of shifting your perspective.

This doesn’t mean it’s now wise for you to IGNORE the negative realities around you. But the Page of Cups speaks to how you may now be finding that you are more capable of compassion and service when you place your INNER focus primarily on all of the healing and beauty at work in the OUTER world.

As mentioned earlier, you can see examples of generosity everywhere when you choose to perceive them. Now is a powerful time to consciously practice that shift in perspective. When you find that you are once again dwelling on the vastness of problems, ask yourself to shift to the vastness of solutions that are taking shape. This may continue to seem like a bit of a roller coaster ride for your emotions, but remind yourself that your sensitivity is a great asset. Your attunement to emotional undercurrents can supplement your rational mind in finding creative solutions.

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