I must admit, January kicked my ass – and if the posts I’m seeing on social media are any indication, I’m not the only one. I don’t know if it’s adjusting to a new year or dealing with Mercury Retrograde or what, but there seems to be a lot of brain fog, derailments and unexpected situations cropping up for many of us.

And so today, I’m asking you (and myself) what realistic action can you take right now that will soothe your essential self?

This seems like a simple question, but it’s all too easy to get on auto-pilot and do things in a half-assed attempt to feel better (like having a glass of wine or wasting time on the internet) that don’t really honor our essential self. So right now, let’s really truly ask ourselves – and listen to the answer:

What realistic action can I take right now that will soothe my essential self?



I threw the word “realistic” in there to appease your ego, or your social self. Our egos have a way of being commandeering. You’ll need to gently ask your ego to communicate openly with your essential self instead of stealing the show. Talk kindly to your stressed, overwhelmed essential self. How can I soothe you? How can we make this better? What do you need right now?

I just had this conversation with my essential self and she said “I want to read a fantasy novel and drink tea and listen to Celtic music.” But then, of course, my ego piped up. “That sounds nice and all, but we need to write a blog post.”

This is not the blog post my ego wanted to write. My ego had me pushing my head against the wall trying to write about an entirely different topic. And it just wasn’t working. Still, I didn’t want to break the commitment I’ve made to myself to put up blogs and videos every Tuesday.

So, then, my essential self mustered up her courage and said “Well, we could write a blog post about this very conversation we’re having. And when we’re done…we can read fantasy and drink tea.”

And with that, my social self and my essential self met in the middle.

Try this for yourself. Weave a dialogue between your ego and your essential self. Discover what you can realistically provide for yourself in this moment. And then do that thing.

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