Welcome to Dear Tarot Tuesday! In this video series, I answer questions from viewers, advice-column style. But this isn’t your momma’s advice column – my answers will be enhanced with tarot cards. If you’d like to submit a question of your own, shoot me an email: carrie (at) happyfishtarot.com.



Boy howdy! It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Dear Tarot’ video. My videos as of late have gone in a slightly different direction. But today, I’m going back to my roots and giving a mini-video reading.

Today I have a question from “S” who says: “I am thinking about stepping into the unknown, stepping out my comfort zone and trying something completely new. This will involve volunteering with an autistic boy in a new city. What do I need to know about this decision?”



And now I have a question for you: do you enjoy watching the mini-reading videos? Should I do more? I do plan to continue putting up videos every Tuesday – but I’ll only do the ‘Dear Tarot’ series if there is an interest.

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