Hey guys – I’m baaack! My blog took a holiday nap, and now it has woken up refreshed and ready to resume new posts each Tuesday.

While my blog has been sleeping, I have been very much awake. I travelled across the country for Christmas. I lovingly completed a multitude of readings for my clients. And the biggest news: I’ve been packing up the apartment I’ve lived in for six years, and I’ve been painting, cleaning and otherwise preparing my new home.

I’ve found myself wishing there were two of me lately. I am really excited about my new house – I’m a Cancer and the concept of home is crucial to us – but it has left me with less time and energy than usual to devote to my business. This has been a struggle for me because I LOVE my business. It is one of the most important things in my life.

This morning I asked for guidance from the Japaridze tarot and drew the Two of Gardens. This card speaks gorgeously to what I’ve been going through lately, and it’s a reminder that adjusting priorities is something we ALL have to handle.

Because the truth is that there is no FIXED recipe for a tasty life. We can’t divvy up our time and energy into rigid categories and stick to them always (as tempting as that sounds!). Our energy, focal points and interests are constantly in flux.

Sometimes home life will be your main focus, and you’ll have to shift some attention away from other happenings. Other times work, health, or hobbies will take center stage.

We are all juggling a combination of focuses, doing our best to make space (be that space big or small) for the various facets of our life.

The balancing act of being human is kind of like being a chef. You have to constantly taste your life and consider what needs adjusting. Do you need another dash of play? Maybe a pinch of solitude? Perhaps you need to get a better handle on your work life, or give some extra attention to your home life. The recipe truly isn’t fixed – it’s a process of constantly tasting your life and shifting as you go.

Of course, we can’t skate over the fact that this juggling act can be difficult. It can feel like too much to handle, it can be awkward and clumsy. It’s important to remember that we’re not in this alone. Everyone you know is trying to keep their own balls in the air, and everyone you know struggles with this process sometimes.

The key is finding the joy in the juggle, thinking of it as a game instead of a burden. We can’t do it all, so it’s okay to let some stuff drop. We might make mistakes from time to time, but then we can pick up the pieces and move forward. It is okay to experiment with what works for you. It is okay to change your priorities from day to day, week to week, even hour to hour.

Roll with your shifting energy and take care of yourself. Fixating on what you ‘should’ be doing will only further drain your energy.

Be here now, do what you can, and have a damn good time making up your own recipe as you go along.

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