Yesterday I woke up and my first thought was “the vibes feel different today.”

I’m always saying I’m not an astrologer, but I am perpetual dabbler. I usually don’t know exactly when things shift, but when I started scrolling through Instagram and saw people posting about Taurus season I was like oh. Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling. The shift into Taurus season. And I welcome it!

If you saw my last message, you already know that last week was kind of hot garbage for me. Even more stuff went wrong after I wrote that, but I won’t go into the gory details except one thing which may be relevant to you: my email stopped working! I think it was related to the issues with my sites going down as they both go through my server.

So many of you emailed me really lovely and thoughtful replies last week. I spent a few hours replying to them all and the next day…I got bouncebacks for every. single. email. So if you messaged me, know that your words were received and appreciated and I apologize that the internet ate my replies.

THE GOOD NEWS: my website is back up! AND my emails are working again. Fingers crossed I’m out of the tech-issues woods for a good long while now.

Anyway: Taurus season is here, and I am grateful. Taurus season is actually one of my favorite times for witchery. Yesterday I sat outside, soaking up the vibes and working through ‘Tarot For Yourself’ by Mary K Greer. Tomorrow I will harvest nettle and experiment with cooking and eating it for the first time (so far I’ve only used it to make tea). During Taurus season, I crave touching the earth, connecting with long-standing traditions, communicating with plants, inhaling flowers, moving slowly but consistently.

We are creatures with bodies that evolved to sense and experience the natural world that sustains us. This is home. We co-create with the natural world. That’s what magic is. We are no more or less important than the trees and the dandelions and the wind.

If you’ve been hanging around me for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about paradox: things that seem to be contradictory, but are actually true at the same time. Here’s a paradox I’m thinking about right now. Taurus season is about creating things that last. Building containers for what matters. Staying steady and sticking to the course.

But at the same time, what everyone keeps saying about this phase of our reality is that it is UNCERTAIN. Being in uncertainty can seem paradoxical with being in Taurus vibes. Taurus is not known for enjoying change, let alone uncertainty.

Here’s a tweet I saw yesterday that hit me like WOAH.

This is a very uncomfortable truth for Taurus (and for a lot of human beings no matter what’s in your chart): certainty is, and always has been, a myth. Things may seem more uncertain now than they were a year ago or even a couple of months ago. But certainty has never been real.

So how can we feel into this paradox of Taurus season? Maybe by finding comfort in traditions without clinging to them. By continuing steadily on the path we have chosen while accepting that we may have to take an unexpected turn at any moment. By tending to an inner sense of worth and enoughness that does not hinge on any external circumstances.

Last night I did a Celtic Cross spread for myself, asking what I need to know as I navigate this Taurus season. It was kind of a mind blowing reading, to be honest. I hadn’t used the Celtic Cross in a while and forgot how much I really do love that spread. It’s a classic for a reason! However, there was one thing that threw me off in the reading, which was the final card. I got the Five of Pentacles reversed.

Not too long ago, I did a reading for the collective and talked about how it’s been a very Five of Pentacles time for us lately. Even so, it’s not a card I really welcomed seeing in my Celtic Cross, especially in the final position. This position is traditionally read as “outcome.” I use a modified Celtic Cross as usually read this position as “closing messages” which feels less prediction-y to me.

The rest of the reading had clicked into place right away, but I had to really sit with this last card. Eventually, I remembered something I read a long time ago about this card which has stuck with me: sometimes the Five of Pentacles comes up when you’re too focused on the material plane and neglect the spiritual plane.

Then today, I referenced the book ‘Understanding the Birth Chart’ by Kevin Burk to read up on Taurus, and there was a bit of synchronicity in there that connected to my reading last night and helped me make even more sense of that Five of Pentacles, and how it might relate to Taurus energy specifically:

“When Taurus becomes too attached to the physical, it begins to identify with the material plane, rather than with its true self. Taurus’ sense of self-esteem and self-worth becomes dependent on its appearance. It becomes obsessed with the accumulation of things in an effort to build up its sense of self-worth and to protect itself, and the pursuit is entirely pointless, because nothing on the physical plane is lasting. Taurus must learn that its true worth, its true identity, has nothing to do with physical trappings.”

So! Trying to bring this all together: that was the closing message from my own spread, and it’s the message I’ve been trying to share with you here today: we are capable of living in paradox, and learning from the experience. Uncertainty is okay, because certainty was never real. Stay grounded in the material plane, but honor the spiritual plane. Hold steady, make magic consistently, and even if the turns knock you side ways know that you’ll eventually find your way back to center.

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