I think it’s important to think of yourself as your own best friend, or even your own parent. In this video, I talk about doing an ‘Annual Soul Check-in’ with yourself – maybe on your birthday. Connect with yourself deeply. Make this something sacred. Set aside time, close the door, light a candle, and ask yourself questions. Answer honestly. Be vulnerable. This is just between you and yourself. Take time to be present with yourself and really listen to what is going on beneath the surface.

(And if you have a kitty, they will LOVE to help you with this process – Nanners does, as you’ll see in the video.)


Later this week, I’ll post a sample worksheet you can use to do your own soul check-in. But you can really do this in any way that works for you. I’ve always been naturally self-reflective – but devoting to a deep check in like this is hard, even for me. I know it’s important though – if we don’t do this, life tends to fly by. This is a good practice in awareness.

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