Hello! It’s your friendly neighborhood Carrie, emerging from the shadows. I’ve been neglectful of the blog and newsletter, and I regret this. Spending time here and connecting to you in this way is very valuable to me. I want to do a better job of honoring that going forward.

The main reason I’ve been MIA is I’ve got a lot of other things competing for my brain power lately. I’m writing the guidebook and researching printing for The Spacious Tarot, plus there’s been a minor shit storm of events happening at the same time in my personal life. Everything is okay, and I have many reasons to be grateful, but it’s felt like a lot to navigate. I’m always a pretty tender person (INFP, empath life) and sometimes I get overwhelmed not by any one thing in particular, but just by LIFE. You know? LIFE is a lot.

But I’ve also been finding new levels of strength and resilience within myself lately. Anxiety has crept in a few times, but I’ve doubled down on self-love and introspection and reminding myself to carve out non-negotiable time for the practices that anchor me. Lately, this has meant lots of hot baths (with epsom salt, baking soda and essential oils) and yoga sessions (Yoga With Adriene has been a godsend).

Anyhow, I wanted to re-connect with the blog and newsletter today but wasn’t sure what to talk about. I was pondering this and pacing around my office when The Luminous Void tarot caught my eye. This is one of the newer decks I’ve received and it sure is a quirky thing. I have a lot of decks and I can honestly say this is one of a kind. I will be totally honest – some of the imagery is almost too weird for me (and I have an unusually high weirdness tolerance) but it’s also really fascinating.

I’ll post a full review of the deck in the future, but for today I thought I’d offer another mini reading for you. I’ve done this a couple of times over the past few months in video format. Today we’ll try written format.

If you’d like to participate, take a moment to settle in wherever you are. Maybe take a deep breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. Allow yourself a moment to release distractions and be present. When you are ready, pick a number: one or two. Then scroll down to find your card and message.

For those who picked card one:

You have the Page of Swords. Perhaps it is necessary to remind yourself that you will not find meaningful change by being hostile towards your flaws. You will not grow by cutting yourself down.

Consider that you might be better served by taking a neutral approach. It is possible to observe where you have room for improvement without tearing yourself apart. It is possible to acknowledge where you need further knowledge without presuming your current self to be ignorant.

Most importantly, you must cultivate an unwavering belief that evolution is possible for you. The energy of the page is apt here, for as the metaphorically ‘youngest’ of the court cards, the page still has much to learn, much to experience. You are asked to align with your inner page by affirming that opportunities for expansion await you.

This is not just a woo-woo sentiment: psychologists know how strongly your beliefs about yourself impact your life. If you believe that transformation is always possible, you will find endless opportunities to transform. If you believe that you have hit a dead end, you will find evidence to support that belief. Remind yourself that you can actively choose which of these belief systems to work with.

For those who picked card two:

You have the Page of Cups. Remember that the realm of imagination and play and dreams is just as important to your well-being as the realm of tangible reality. Making art or communing with the moon or performing rituals is just as valuable as spending time doing something society would deem “more productive.”

You may find yourself craving a more magical connection with this world, with yourself. This card reflects the part of you that has never been hurt by life, the part of you that never learned to cut yourself off from the pure magic of your existence. That part of you is always somewhere deep within you, and perhaps now is a time to bring your inner Page of Cups to the surface.

Especially when you are busy or when you experience resistance, it is essential to allow yourself to spend time in the realm of imagination. Put some time on your calendar to follow your fancy. This might look like reading a fairy tale, or walking in the rain, or simply immersing yourself in your fantasies.

Let yourself strip away any layers of stress, debris and external conditioning that are wearing you down. There is an invitation to buoyancy here, a return to trust. You are held and supported, just as the Page in this image is held by the cup. Affirm that it is safe for you to dream, it is okay for you to wander. It is essential for you to experience pure, undiluted magic.


I hope you found something in your message that resonates. Thank you for being here. I am sending you many good wishes and lots of encouragement! Until we meet again,

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