You came to this earth packed with potential. You know this! You’ve seen evidence of your possibilities. Maybe your path is crystal clear to you, or maybe it’s just beginning to take form. If you could use some guidance in fostering your growth…if you can sense that you’re on the precipice of life-changing evolutions…this one’s for you.

One of the most magical, transformative decisions you can make is to prioritize your own growth. When I talk about your growth, I’m talking about any form of personal expansion. This could include deepening your spiritual practice, taking on a creative project, building your own business, stepping into a life that aligns with your true nature…growth. It feels good!

When you take even small steps to declare the importance of your growth, the Universe responds by giving you the spiritual electricity you need to keep moving in the right direction.

Here are seven steps you can take to cosmically fuel your growth – because the time is now, baby!

1. Talk to yourself.

You are the most fascinating person you will ever get to know, and you’ve got a lifetime to spend with yourself (lucky you!). It is VITAL to check in with yourself regularly. Ask yourself how you are doing, how you are feeling, and what you need. Get to know the complexities and nuances of your psyche.

There are lots of ways to engage in a conversation with yourself. You can try journaling, free writing, talking out loud, or using reflection questions. The more you engage in introspection, the more you get to know the voice of your essential Self. And the more you listen to your essential Self, the more you grow.

2. Venture into your curiosity.

The things that pique your curiosity can help you form a road map for your growth.

If you’re intensely interested in something, it has something to teach you.
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If you already know what you’re passionate about – that’s great! But for many of us, curiosity is a prerequisite to finding passion. As you explore your curiosity, you begin to open the door to passion. And as you open the door to passion, you create a life that feels even more magical and intriguing.

Martha Beck says that life is like a game of “getting warmer, getting colder.” I find things work out best if you toss aside the frantic search for happiness and simply let yourself be drawn to the warmth by your curiosity. If you devote yourself to following your curiosity, you’ll find that your life keeps getting warmer and warmer until it feels juuuuuust right.

3. Follow your marching orders.

As you grow, you’ll find yourself experiencing intuitive impulses. Julia Cameron calls these “marching orders.” Marching orders are out-of-the-blue insights that tell you to purchase a certain book, walk down a certain street, call a certain person… They can feel strange, and your ego will probably try to reason with them. But when a marching order pops up, it’s good to explore. More often than not, your marching orders will lead you to your next right step.

4. Cut “selfish” from your vocabulary.

A tricksy thing happens when you declare the importance of your own growth. Your ego (and sometimes even your friends, your family, and society) will try to tell you that you’re being selfish. It is absolutely necessary to remind yourself that there is a difference between being selfish and being self-loving.

Prioritizing your own growth is NOT selfish. In fact, by creating space for your own flourishing, you help make the world a better place. You become more open-minded. You discover and use your gifts. You gain a greater capacity for kindness. You become an encourager and a healer for others.

Repeat after me:

By allowing my own growth, I help make the world whole.
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5. Respect your waxing and waning.

There will be times when you grow rapidly, by leaps and bounds. And there will be times when you feel stagnant and stuck. This waxing and waning is a natural part of the growth process. Your growth is not a tidy, straight line. Your growth is a spiral process.

You are a hero on a journey. Every hero encounters setbacks, trials and dark nights of the soul. These are as integral to your story as your triumphs and growth spurts.

The more you progress, the more tools you’ll discover to ease yourself when things go awry. The flow is always there, and you’ll always find a way to tap back in.

6. Ask for support.

As you expand, you’re going to need a crew to cheer you on. Surround yourself with people who get it. Hang around people who encourage, inspire and motivate you. In-person support is important, but online communities are also great (I feel like I’ve found a like-minded family on Instagram).

It’s also useful to draw from cosmic support, if that’s your thing. Your spirit guides, your higher self, the creative energies of the universe – they’ve got your back!

7. Work with a mentor.

Connecting with someone who can provide guidance is one of the most valuable decisions you can make. Your growth is wildly unique to you, but the right mentor can empathize because they’ve been through similar pathways. A mentor can help you understand your blocks and tune into your strengths.

An outside perspective is often just what you need to expand. A mentor is not there to tell you what to do, but rather to co-create. By working with a dedicated mentor, you can make tremendous strides in tapping into your internal wisdom. You’ll find signs, take action, and grow spaciously when you’re supported in this way.


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The Growth Gatherings will be a magical, intense, and transformative six week experience, currently priced at $225. Because of the close-knit nature of this service, I am only opening four mentorships at a time. If you are interested in reserving one of these spots, please email carrie(at), or check back for full details coming Friday, August 14!

Cheers to your growth,

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