Hi sweethearts,

To be honest, I’ve never been very moved by Valentine’s Day. The holiday kind of comes across as cheesetastic to me. So much plastic and gross candy and ugly mass-produced greeting cards that you’re just gonna throw away anyhow. I could live without that whole shebang.

But if I set aside the cheesetasticness, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to enjoy delicious chocolate and tell everyone how much you love them. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. Tell your mama, tell your kitty, tell your friends how much you heart heart heart them.

And don’t forget the most important thing of all: tell YOURSELF “I love you!” Say it on Valentine’s Day, and say it every dang day.

I have a few offerings available for a limited time in honor of the season.

~*State of the {Romantic} Union Email Reading*~ $17
Relationships have a dynamic life-force. They breathe, they change rhythms. If you’re in a committed relationship, it is healthy to check the vitals regularly. This reading offers you the chance to examine the current state of your romantic union. What lessons need to be learned? What’s the overall theme at work? What aspects can you refine? These are some of the questions this reading will explore – because paying attention is an act of devotion to yourself and your lover.
This reading will be sent to you as a well-written PDF file & includes a picture of your cards.
Click here to purchase – available until Friday, February 20

~*SALE! One Tarot Love Letter*~ $17 $15
Don’t you love opening your mailbox and finding a genuine, handwritten letter tucked in amidst the junk? It kind of makes you feel like you discovered a super-secret-awesome diamond. I will draw three tarot cards and write you a personalized, hand-crafted letter on gorgeous stationary. The cards will help illuminate the energies currently at work in your life. This is a tangible, one-of-a-kind tarot treasure.
Click here to purchase – Sale ends 5pm MST Monday February 16

Peace, love & happy fish,

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