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It’s kind of strange – last week I wrote about content creation burnout. Now this week, here I am actually feeling EXCITED about creating something new! And I need your input on this new thing I’m creating, so stick with me here – we’ll get to that in a moment!

I got quite a few emails in reply to the post last week. It seems a LOT of us are having feelings about what it means to be a creative person online. It feels like things are shifting collectively. We are aching to do real, meaningful, deep work. We are exhausted by the fast pace and overstimulation of smart phones and social media. We might not yet know exactly what we’re shifting into, but it does feel like the winds are changing.


Speaking of meaningful and deep work, I’ve been reconnecting with my own tarot studies for the past couple of weeks. It’s not like I ever really stopped studying tarot. This is my profession, so I’m almost always dipping into something tarot related. But it has been a while since I’ve studied in a more formal way – as in setting aside blocks of time specifically for study sessions, taking notes on what I’m reading, really dedicating to the process.

Studying in an intentional way is rewarding, and it’s reminding me of something important: even when I am exhausted by the online world, even when anxiety and resistance get in the way… I’m never tired of tarot. The cards are always there for me. The cards always meet me where I am. The cards always reacquaint me with the present moment while also offering a broader view of the universe’s narrative.

I am a firm believe that you never finish learning tarot. And why would you want to? Tarot is an art, and there are countless perspectives on this art. Tarot refuses to be pinned down or kept in a box. Just like us, the cards area always evolving.

Because of this, I know I will be a tarot student for life. That said, somewhere along the line I’ve also become a tarot teacher. There is a high likelihood that YOU found me from the educational posts I wrote about the Wild Unknown deck. Many of my mentoring clients come to me specifically to guide them in their tarot studies.

For a long, LONG time (*cough*YEARS*cough*), the universe has been giving me hints that I should really get serious about teaching tarot. Maybe write a book. Create a course. Do something with more structure. But every time I start down this path, I get overwhelmed and I overthink and then I stall out.

So I’ve decided to start small and commit to creating a short – but hopefully useful – free ebook for you.

Foundational Tarot

This is the tentative title of the ebook: Foundational Tarot. I’m in the beginning stages of creating this, but here’s the vision so far.

This ebook will guide you through the initial stages of your tarot journey. It will be appropriate for total beginners, or those who have dipped into tarot but crave a more solid framework. The lessons will be non-dogmatic, designed to offer suggestions while supporting you in developing your own understanding of the cards.

I haven’t finalized the contents yet, but focus areas may include:

  • Clarifying what you expect from tarot
  • Examining how tarot “works”
  • Sorting through the components of a deck and understanding how they harmonize
  • Best practices for conducting readings

We will weave the practical and the mystical, blending psychological and spiritual modalities. You will gain a sturdy foundational knowledge of tarot and be inspired to follow your curiosity forward!

I know there are many “introduction to tarot” books out there already, and many of them are excellent. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, but I think I have some unique perspectives to offer. I also know we all connect with different vibes. If you’re familiar with me and resonate with my approach, I hope this ebook might be useful for you.

Here’s where I need your help!

If you have a moment, pretty please fill out this short form.

Your responses will help me refine the focus and put together something magical and helpful. You’re also welcome to comment on the blog post if you have further thoughts to share!

I’m hoping to bring this thing to fruition within the next couple of weeks, so I’ll be in touch again soon. Until then, cheers to you wherever you are on your own tarot journey.

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