Each tarot card is infused with symbols, philosophies and meanings – giving the cards a limitless intrigue. In the Life Lessons :: Tarot Card Meanings series, I will explore one card and some of the lessons it has to offer. Each card has a wide spectrum of meanings, so this post is not meant to be all inclusive!



Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Keywords:

  • Innocence
  • Nostalgia
  • Simple Kindness

We all know that simple acts of kindness = good. Smiling at a stranger, complimenting someone’s haircut, praising a job well done. But I have to admit – practicing what I preach isn’t always easy. Simple acts of kindness require open-heartedness & if I do something kind, I want it to be genuine.

Being on the receiving end isn’t always easy, either. Say, for example, someone compliments your haircut. Do you gracefully accept? Or do you get self-conscious & doubt their motives?

You probably have a well-attuned bullshit detector. I think that’s a good thing – we need to be able to weed out things that are inauthentic. Sometimes people are only nice because they’re trying to sell you something or manipulate you. But we need to make sure our bull-shit detectors aren’t overly sensitive. Because:

Kindness for the sake of kindness does exist in this world. In fact, it’s rampant.
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When I was preparing to start Happy Fish Tarot, I did a reading for myself, asking what I most needed to know about the business. The central card was the Six of Cups. The message was clear: this isn’t about getting rich. This isn’t about being impressive. This is about doing something that I love & offering it to the world. This is about giving people readings, blog posts & videos that will enrich their spirits & make them feel good.

It’s true that we humans have selfishness in our nature & it’s true that we often do things just to get something in return. But it’s just as true that we have goodness in our nature & sometimes we do nice things just ‘cause it feels good.

Don’t worry so much about looking cool. Gush about what you love! Give compliments! Be a mushy nerd. Nerds are the best. (A reminder to myself as much as to you!)

This doesn’t mean we need to be selfless saints who always give, give, give & never receive. You should be on the receiving end of kindness as often as you’re on the giving end. The most important thing, I think, is having an open heart.

Give with an open heart. Receive with an open heart.
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I’m giving you these meditations with an open heart. They were created with heart & soul. I hope you will find them useful.

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Go forth. Open your heart. Give, receive & spread kindness like it’s infectious.

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