You find yourself in need of some thoughtful guidance, so you decide to purchase an email tarot reading from someone you trust. You wait patiently and before too long, the email arrives with your reading attached. Eek, so exciting!

But wait! What you do from here has a drastic impact on the potency of your reading. It’s soooo tempting to do the virtual equivalency of ripping open that email and feasting your eyes on the reading as quickly as possible – but this approach doesn’t lend itself well to accessing the full potential of email readings.

It’s so important to make taking in your reading a special thing. In our virtual world, we’re constantly bombarded with mindless online content: salesy emails, click bait articles, endless social media posts…don’t treat a tarot reading like another member of this parade. Your email reading isn’t some average online fluff; it deserves a more conscious approach.

Any tarot reading – whether it’s delivered through email, Skype, phone, in person or via carrier pigeons – is a significant event. A reading can reconnect you with your inner knowing and nudge you into powerful transformations. It’s a co-creative process: the reader does their part, but real magic only happens when you do your part, too.

Here are a few steps to help you tap into the highest potential of your next email reading.

1. Set aside quiet time to absorb your reading. If you’ve ever received a reading from me, I’ve probably suggested this to you already! An email reading creates a sort of non-physical sacred space. If you open your reading in a hectic environment, it’s probably going to be harder for you to enter that sacred space. If at all possible, schedule in some quiet “me time” to give the reading your full presence.

2. Brew a cup of tea. It has been well-documented that tea and tarot are wonderful partners. I think tea can help get us in a sort of ritual mindset. In fact, making tea itself is a sort of mini-ritual: boiling the water, selecting the right blend for your mood, letting the steeping take place. There have even been studies that show what many of us already know through direct experience: drinking tea can sooth stress. Having an inviting cup of tea by your side will enhance the overall experience of your reading.

3. Read slowly. The first time I purchased an email reading, I was so excited that I skimmed through the whole thing like I was in a speed-reading contest. I quickly realized that doing this is a huge disservice to myself. Instead, breathe. Give yourself time to linger on the words. Take in their full meaning. Let them sink in and roll around your consciousness. Mmm, yeah, that slow stuff feels good!

4. Journal and reflect. This is probably the most important item on the list! A good reading doesn’t tell you exactly what to do. Instead, a good reading helps you see the bigger picture, gives gentle advice, and guides you in self-reflection. It’s one thing to just read your reading and think “hmm, that’s interesting.” But it’s better to take that even further by really diving into reflection. Many readers (myself included) pepper readings with journaling prompts; don’t just read them, use them! Grab a journal or a word document and write about the main takeaways of your reading. What really hit home? How can you integrate the messages and tap into your sense of empowerment going forward?

5. Revisit your reading. You’ll probably get an intuitive sense for when and how often to re-read your reading. Some readings will beckon to you regularly (I’ve had multiple clients tell me they’ve printed their Bad Ass Manifesto readings and read them daily), others you might not revisit for a month or two or more. Although the exact “when” will vary, you’ll find new levels of wisdom emerge when you revisit your reading.

So, what do you think?

Do you have your own practices for getting the most out of email readings? Will you be trying any of the suggestions above? I’m curious – leave a comment and let me know.

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