Throughout the month of April, I’ve been talking about business in a series called Pondering Pentacles. As the month draws to a close, we are going out with a special treat: an interview with Kelly-Ann Maddox!

Many of you are already great admirers of her work, but in case you DON’T know Kelly-Ann: she’s a spiritual counselor, a tarot reader, and as she says in the interview “a psychospiritual psychonaut.” Her business is unique, profitable and prolific. We talked about about the evolution of her online presence, why sometimes your ego has to eat a shit sandwich as your business grows, connecting with an engaged audience & more.

Kelly-Ann is my business running buddy – we talk regularly, offering each other accountability and support on our business journeys. She’s an incredible human being who has infinite insights, and in this interview you’ll get a taste of her business savvy!



Find Kelly-Ann all around cyberland:

Heart-Centred Small Business Owners Facebook Group

Danielle LaPorte’s “Open, gentle heart. Big fucking fence.”

Another big thanks to Kelly-Ann for joining me, and thank YOU for listening to our conversation.

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