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Photo Credit: Navy Blue Stripes via Compfight cc

Today is International Day of Happiness. It’s also the Spring Equinox. What a perfect day to officially launch Happy Fish Tarot!

The world is going through a change in perception. An old model says financial growth is the hallmark of success. International Day of Happiness was started to ignite a new model that focuses on human happiness as a metric of success.

You know what I think the world has enough of already? Cynicism. Despair. Suffering. Stress. I have a highly developed sense of empathy, and sometimes trying to move through this darkness feels like swimming upstream.

That’s why when I found out about this holiday it made me cheese-ball happy. Because the world needs more cheese-ball happiness. Joy. Hope. Wonder. Inspiration. It isn’t easy to choose happiness. Happiness is something we have to constantly cultivate.

This is why I became a tarot reader. Tarot is my small but important way of bringing more happiness into the world. I can’t help but feel that all the powers of the Universe have conspired to lead me to this moment. This is what I was born to do.

What can you expect from Happy Fish Tarot? A beautiful website (designed by my talented husband). Lots of free stuff: weekly blog posts and videos, and a monthly newsletter. Follow me on facebook and twitter for free weekly readings and tarot goodness. And of course, I’m also offering private readings.

It’s good to have you on board, and I’ll catch you next time.