You may already know that I wrote personal interpretations for every card in the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. Sometimes I’m struck with utter disbelief when I see how much traffic these posts get (humblebrag: if you Google the meaning for any card in this deck, my site is the first result). When I started writing them, I had no clue people would be this interested in what I was doing. But three years later, I still get emails and comments from people thanking me for the posts, which is pretty cool and makes me happy!

Yep, that’s right – it’s been THREE YEARS since I wrote the first posts in that series. I’ve been wanting to go through and polish up/update these posts for ages…and now I’ve finally started that process.

The essential inforation in each post will remain the same, but some will be edited for clarity. I’ll also be putting in some new stuff into each post that I think will make the information even more useful. Right now, each post is kind of just a wall of text. But as I update them, each post will be structured in several short sections: a description of the card meaning specifically in the Wild Unknown, a description of the card meaning in general, and some thoughts on what the card could indicate in a reading. 

I’m also updating the graphics as the current pictures are a bit crappy. Oh, and I have the second edition of the deck now! The current posts are based off the first edition, and I’ve had a lot of people requests updates for the second edition. Those are coming!

(I’ve already updated The Fool and The Magician, take a look at those to get a feel for what’s coming.)

I wanted to announce this, as I know many of you reference the posts regularly. Get excited! But not TOO excited, because it took me over a year to write the original posts and I’m sure it will take quite a while to do all of these updates, too. Ha!

Other Updates

This is just some kinda personal rambles about me and my life. Take it or leave it!

As a water sign (Cancer baby!) I easily get swept away in the romantic, imaginitive side of my creative nature…but it’s always been harder for me to take all that poetic stuff and channel it in a solid way. I’m also prone to feeling all feelings with intensity (empath + water sign = ALL THE FEEELS ALL THE TIME). This means I get swept up in sadness, resistance and overwhelm a lot more often than I’d like. This year, I’ve been trying to get back to the basics of self-care so that I can better process my emotional energy, and so that I can be more productive.

Throughout 2017, I have been working on my ability to set more concrete goals and focus areas for myself. Although I’m a water sign, I’m a Virgo moon sign. Thus, I tend to thrive when I have healthy structures, routines and order in my life. It’s not always easy for me to stick to what I lay out for myself, but I’ve been working on getting consistent once again with things like journaling, movement, and eating well. I’m still trying to sort through my upper limit issues. This is all a work in progress, but I feel like things are heading in a more stable direction, which is really quite nice.

All of this is helping me develop a healthier relationship with my business – I’m getting better about focusing on what really matters. I have felt the pull to create a course ever since I started my business three years ago, and now I’m actually done it by putting together Tarot for Empaths. I cannot even explain how good it feels to have lovingly completed that project. The feeling of choosing something to focus on and actually bringing it into fruition is indescribably awesome (especially if you’re like me and tend to start a lot of creative projects that you never finish). 

Some days I feel like the gravity of the daily news pins me in place, but other days I feel so much magic at work in this world. Being alive is a strange, strange thing – but also pretty fucking awesome. Thank you for being here with me!

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