You know what I don’t like? Our culture’s focus on selling cheap, poorly made, pointless junk in order to make more and more and more $$$. I also don’t like the implied assumption of corporations that we need certain external objects in order to reach an internal state of happiness. Pooey on all that noise!

That said, I am somewhat of a hypocrite because I do like purchasing lovely things, and I like giving things to the people I care about. Sometimes I find material possessions that actually DO bring real joy into my life! Maybe it’s my Virgo moon, but part of me loves useful and gorgeous objects. Right now the holiday season is upon us, so I’m thinking about gifts for my fellow mystics and weirdos!

Gathered here are a few things you may want to consider giving as presents to those you cherish. Or, if you’re like me, you may want to give YOURSELF a present or two from this list. Full disclosure, a few of these are Amazon affiliate links, which means if you purchase them I will get a very minuscule sliver of Amazon’s unfathomable wealth. Without further ado, lets put aside the ambivalence about consumerism and get into the gift ideas!

Everyone Essential Oil, Relax

This oil blend was an impulse purchase I made a few weeks ago and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. It comes with a dropper so I’m constantly rubbing a few drops between my palms and then inhaling the glorious aroma. It’s a 100% pure essential oil blend of frankincense, orange, lavender, lavandin, vetiver and ylang ylang. The smell is dreamy, it makes me imagine I am floating on a beautiful orange and pink cloud as the sun sets. It’s not a bad price either, currently about $9.

The Naked Heart Tarot

If you hang around in the tarot community on Instagram, or if you saw my review a few months ago, you’re probably familiar with this deck. It’s gorgeous and it feels like a luxury item. The box is beautiful, the card stock is beautiful, the images are beautiful. The imagery centers around animals and the natural world, so it would be a nice gift for someone who doesn’t like the human-focused imagery of more traditional decks.

The 2019 Metaphysician’s Day Planner by Benebell Wen

When I think about Benebell Wen a few words come to mind: thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable. This is one of the few items on this gift guide I haven’t personally used but I have been intrigued by it since she debuted it in 2017. This is a planner that focuses on structuring your mundane life and to-do lists, but it is ALSO focused on fitting in your metaphysical pursuits. Benebell offers the digital files for only $25 which is a remarkable price for what you get, and she also describes options for getting your planner printed. You know anything Benebell creates is going to be legit, so check this out for the serious metaphysicians in your life.

Make Blackout Poetry: Turn These Pages Into Poems

Starting to make blackout poetry is one of the most life-affirming things I’ve done in a long time. There’s something really healing, soothing and quieting about this process. John Carroll runs the Instagram account @makeblackoutpoetry and he was the original inspiration for me, and many others, to try out this art form. His new book is a collection of written material, all bound together for you to get started out on your own blackout poetry creations. This would be a great gift for anyone curious about blackout poetry!

Healing Herbal Teas by Sarah Farr

My rad sister-in-law gave me this book as a present last Christmas and it is AWESOME. If you know someone who is interested in making their own teas, this book is a great resource. Sarah Farr has a grounded, welcoming approach. A lot of ground is covered here: information on different types of herbs, how to start your own herb garden, information on purchasing quality herbs, and ways to forage with respect to cultures and the land. I mentioned this book to the guy who owns our local apothecary here in Salt Lake City, and he likes it too so you know it’s legit. I’ve blended two teas from the recipes here and both have been delightful.

Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

It seems like every time I turn around, someone else is either going full on vegan or just trying to eat with a more plant-focused approach. I’m no fan of food dogma – eat meat if you want to eat meat – but it’s undeniable that at least trying to eat a LITTLE more plants is a good thing. I love cooking, and Isa’s recipes are HANDS DOWN my favorite. I have all of her books and sing her praises to anyone who will listen. This one is probably my favorite because the recipes here are both delicious and fairly simple. A few of my favorites: Arabian Lentil Soup, Irish Seitan Stew, Trattoria Pasta Salad, Mac and Trees… gah now I’m hungry! Buy this book for everyone you know, it is da bomb.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Blanket

I started attending a meditation class a few months ago and the teacher always has a bunch of these blankets on hand. Cozying up on this magical blanket is basically my idea of heaven. I don’t know what it is about these blankets, they are just extraordinary. They’re made from recycled fibers! They are so soft! They are so warm! This is another item I sadly do not yet own, but I love using them at meditation class and I oh so want one of my own. They are listed as yoga blankets so they’d be a thoughtful gift for anyone who practices yoga, but honestly they don’t HAVE to be used for yoga, they’d be a great gift for anyone who enjoys being wrapped in a magical blanket hug.

Skull Planter

I have one of these in my office. There’s a reason the motif of skulls and plants comes up again and again in various cultures, it’s powerful. Life and death, together. So poetic! And let’s be honest, it also just looks cool. Get these planters and then stick a plant in ‘em and you have a unique and inexpensive gift.

The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed

I got this book when it first came out and have been sloooowly working my way through it. There are so many things to love about this: coloring is relaxing! You can learn about the Waite-Smith deck symbolism while you color! I’ve found myself noticing small details in the cards as I’m coloring, so not only is this a fun gift, it’s also a way to progress as a tarot student.

Burt’s Bees Birch Bark Soy Candle

I know they are a huge company owned by Clorox, but I can’t help it… I still love Burt’s Bees. I use many of their products and bought this candle for the first time earlier this year. I liked it so much I stocked up on a bunch of them. The soy burns like a dream and the smell is woodsy and musky. If I’m not diffusing the essential oil blend mentioned above, I often have one of these candles going in my office. The scent is a nice accompaniment to reading tarot, journaling, or doing other spiritual shiz.

Dreams & Themes for 2019: Tarot Readings and Activities (ebook) by Carrie Mallon

I may be slightly biased, but this creation of mine would make an A+ gift if I do say so myself. The first section is a workbook with tarot-inspired activities to round out 2018 and set the tone for 2019. The second section is a gathering of collective energy tarot readings for each month of the new year. It’s only $18 for the digital download. Purchase one for yourself, purchase another one for a friend! To make it an extra nice gift, you can do what I did last year and have a copy printed and bound at the UPS store or somewhere like that.

And there you have it! Just a few ideas of things you might want to give (or get) this year. Sending you many warm blessings,

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