Dreams & Themes For 2019 connects you with your truest self
as you venture into this new year.

Welcome to the second annual Dreams & Themes ebook! Maybe you worked with this tool during 2018, or maybe this is your introduction. Either way, these pages are here to help you consciously connect with all that 2019 has to offer! The PDF ebook is currently available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD for $18.

Dreams & Themes For 2019 ebook :: Download yours now for $18 USD!


There is a collective energy that happens around the new year. It’s an energy of assessing where you’ve been, reaffirming your commitment to the present, and envisioning the highest good of the future. With tarot as your ally, this ebook offers you a gentle but powerful invitation into this sparkling new year energy.

There are three sections to Dreams & Themes. The first section is all about clarifying your personal dreams and themes for the new year. Here you’ll use your own tarot cards to reflect on 2018 as well as cast your vision forward to 2019. A few examples of the tarot activities you’ll find here:

– Integrating both blessings and challenges from 2018

– A tarot ritual to tie up energetic loose ends from 2018

– Setting intentions in all areas of your life for the new year

– Discovering opportunities for spiritual growth during 2019

– Discerning how you can best be of service throughout the year

– Setting your theme word for 2019

– A tarot ritual to open the new year

The second section of this book focuses on our collective dreams and themes for 2019. This is a gathering of tarot readings – written by me – for each month of the year. These readings highlight overarching energetic themes that apply to us all. The guidance in these readings is both universally applicable as well as deeply personal. Many of the readings also include suggested activities or affirmations to work with each month.

Finally, the third section guides you in reflection. This is an open-ended space to sit with your personal tarot draws, as well as the collective tarot readings. You can return to this section at the end of every month to process and integrate!

If you worked with the 2018 edition, you’ll notice some familiar concepts but a lot of new content as well. The tarot activities will vary from year to year, and the collective readings are more detailed than they were last year! I hope to continue creating this ebook for many years to come and each edition will have its own unique aspects.

If you adore using tarot in creative ways… and if you are devoted to showing up FULLY for this glorious journey called LIFE in 2019… I think you’ll love this book!

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