If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or if you’ve read any of my recent blogs, you know that I’m in the thick of National Novel Writing Month. This means I’m attempting to write a fifty thousand word novel within the thirty days of November. Yowza! I can’t sit idly by, hoping my muse will show up (nobody got time for that). I need to find ways to actively invite my muse in, to encourage her to sprinkle me with inspiration.



I’m always listening for ways to better serve my muse. What does she enjoy? What turns her on? What pisses her off? How can I increase the chances of her dropping by? These have become pressing questions. I’ve discovered a few top-secret muse-attracting tips. Maybe they will impress your muse, as well.

1. Cultivate the belief that you HAVE a muse.
You can decide for yourself what a muse actually is. When I say muse, I’m referring to a force that connects me to universal inspiration and limitless ideas. A force that whispers in my ear, bubbling up the right ideas at the right time. Believing in your muse is the first step to recruiting her assistance.

2. Pick a tarot card to represent your muse.
I’ve chosen The Star. In the Rider-Waite image, we see a lovely lady positioned before an aquamarine pool. She pours water freely from two containers. She trusts that the water will not run dry. This reminds me of the ever-replenishing well of ideas and inspiration. When I see this card, I can feel my muse plugging me into this always-fresh stream. Let your intuition guide you to your muse card, then keep this card with you as you create. I have my card propped up next to me on my writing desk.

3. Pick a crystal or stone to represent your muse.
Say what you will about any innate mystical properties (or lack thereof) in crystals, but no one can deny their beauty. There’s something about a bright shiny object that makes my muse swoon. I have a pleasing chunk of crystal quartz that I keep with me when I write. I like to think my muse can channel herself through the energy of the crystal.

4. Go to one of your muse’s haunting grounds.
Maybe your muse likes to hang out in concert venues or dance halls or flea markets. Mine likes to chill in a gorgeous canyon just a few minutes away from my home. Sometimes I walk there, listen for her, and invite her to hang out with me.

5. Listen to the right tunes.
Most muses love music, but their tastes vary widely. Mine’s been digging harp music lately. What about yours?

6. Scent the air.
Candles, incense, essential oils. What smelly good stuff does your muse like? Mine is particularly fond of lavender and sandalwood. Surround yourself with good smells and it won’t be long before the muse comes knocking.

7. Break up your routine.
Muses get bored of doing the same thing over and over. Sure, sweeping dramatic gestures are great – but a simple change can bring pleasing results as well. Try a new restaurant. Walk in a new neighborhood. Take a scenic route on the drive to work. Give your muse some variety and she’ll warm right up.

8. Honor ideas when your muse brings them by.
This is last but DEFINITELY not least! I learned this lesson the hard way. Muses like to drop an idea off when you’re driving or standing in line at the grocery store or zillions of other inconvenient times. Do not fall into the trap of assuming you’ll remember an idea. You won’t. Write it down. Always. Keep a notebook with you everywhere you go (or an app on your smartphone. Technology, FTW!). Write ’em down as they come, even if they’re just idea snippets. If you ignore your muse, she’ll pout and refuse to visit for a while. Acknowledge and respect your muse, and she’ll serve you well for all your days.

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