I’ve written interpretations for every card in the Wild Unknown Tarot. As the box of the deck states, there are no rights or wrongs. These are simply my perspectives on the tarot card meanings. I hope you find them useful!
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Eight of Wands :: Wild Unknown Tarot
Creator’s Keywords: news, change, action
Carrie’s Keywords: aligned action, coincidence

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Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in the Wild Unknown

Eight wands are sprawled out in a circle like spokes on a wheel engaged in a sacred dance. A rainbow bolt strikes down from above, merging with the top wand. This dramatic, concentrated rainbow is the only surge of color on the card.

The rainbow hues seems to imbue the wand with a quickening, an energy, a message. It is reminiscent of the bolt of color entering the Hierophant’s key. Both of these cards seem to show a concentrated, otherworldly knowledge. The Eight of Wands shows the moment in which this knowledge presents itself. But if you’re not looking out for it, you might miss it.

The Eight of Wands makes me think about the concept of synchronicity. This is a term coined by Carl Jung to describe coinciding events which we interpret as meaningful but are not causally related. As these eight wands moved in their pivotal dance, the rainbow energy just so happened to descend and merge itself with this particular wand at this particular time. These two events could be entirely unrelated, but we perceive these coincidences as ripe with significance.

The Eight of Wands often suggests incoming messages, a quick arrival of news, or sudden action. This card can show a ‘Eureka!’ moment, where we have a sudden burst of energy to take the next step. This card reminds us that change is constant, but we can always choose to take our own action and find purpose in the seemingly random events of our lives.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in General

The Eight of Wands evokes the phrase “strike while the iron is hot.” There are moments in your life when everything aligns for you to take a certain aligned action. If you hesitate, if you doubt your instincts, you might miss that opportunity. There is a magic that can only happen when you are in tune to the rhythms of life. If you step into that dance and act when you are called to act, a power is unleashed.

Traditionally, this card has also been associated with completion. Many depictions of this card show the eight wands all pointing in the same direction, signifying that they are close to a destination. In this view there can be a sense of resolution in this card. If you’ve been at something for quite a while, this may be a sign that all of your efforts are tying together to wrap something up.

In a reading

If you have a gut-level, instinctive knowing of what action you need to take, the Eight of Wands is a confirmation to take that action. Let yourself be tapped into the energies of the universe, and make your move when the timing is aligned!

This card can also be an invitation to look for meaningful coincidences in your experience. It is likely that these coincidences are not random at all – they are little winks from the universe, giving you the nudges you need to keep moving in the right direction. 

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