Dreams and Themes for 2018 will get you geared up as you head into the uncharted wilderness of 2018.

2019 edition coming December 2018.

There is real power in approaching life with intention and awareness. This is one of the reasons I’m so enamored by tarot – the cards are extraordinarily useful in helping you clarify your intentions and expand your awareness. There’s a vigorous collective energy conducive to this type of practice around the New Year, and I want to help you immerse yourself in these “planning and dreaming and envisioning” vibes.

Introducing Dreams and Themes for 2018, a PDF ebook which supports you in using tarot to explore the themes of your upcoming year. Purchase now and download yours instantly for $18.

The ebook is composed of three sections. The first section walks you through using your own tarot cards to reflect on 2017 as well as look forward to 2018. You’ll be guided through potent tarot activities designed to bring your personal dreams and energetic themes for the new year into the light.

The second section is a gathering of collective energy tarot readings for each month of 2018. These readings are written by me, with the intention of highlighting energetic themes that will be applicable to all of us in different ways. Think of this as a way to receive wisdom that is both deeply personal as well as universally relevant.

The third section guides you in monthly reflection. You can return to this section at the end of every month to process and integrate!

If you love using tarot and like finding creative ways to approach your life, I think you’ll love this ebook!

Dreams and Themes for 2018 is a PDF file, available to purchase now. Once your purchase is confirmed, you’ll receive a link to download your eBook instantly.

2019 edition coming December 2018.

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