I used to approach this time of year with a very forward-focused mentality. It is exciting to start dreaming about the new year! But in more recent years I’ve had to remind myself that integrating the previous year is just as important as preparing for the new year. 

There are several activities in my Dreams & Themes For 2019 ebook that focus on processing all that has transpired during 2018. The ritual that I’m sharing with you today is particularly focused on tying up any energetic ‘loose ends’ you have lingering from the past year. By engaging in this ritual, you will be able to reclaim any of your personal power that became stuck during 2018. This allows you to move into the new year with your full range of magic accessible in the present moment!

To complete this ritual you’ll need at least thirty minutes of uninterrupted time, your tarot deck, and an optional candle. The ritual guide is available as a free PDF download – there’s even some space to type reflections right into the PDF. 

~ Click HERE to download your ritual guide! ~

If you find this ritual useful, consider purchasing the entire Dreams & Themes For 2019 ebook, which you can find here.

Available as an instant download for $18, the ebook offers many tarot activities to serve you in integrating 2018 and setting the tone for 2019! Just a few of the additional activities you’ll find include:

Acknowledging blessings as well as challenges from 2018
Creating your own guidelines for managing your life path during 2019
Discovering opportunities for spiritual growth in the new year
Finding your theme word for the new year
A tarot ritual to open 2019

The ebook also contains tarot readings for the collective (written by me) for each month of 2019. Many of these readings contain suggested activities to try during the month, and they all offer an affirmation to work with.

Last but not least, the ebook guides you in monthly reflections to process your personal tarot readings as well as the collective tarot readings! Learn more and get your ebook here.

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