Code of Ethics

Ethics and Policies

Please note that by purchasing any of my services, you agree that you’ve read and understood these guidelines.

I am honored to read for you and I take this responsibility seriously! When I’m working with you, you have my complete energy and focus. I use real physical cards, not electronic. I do not use pre-generated meanings or scripts. I want to give you an authentic, heartfelt reading.

When we work together, I strive to create a space for you a space to be fully seen and heard without judgement.

I am welcoming to people of all walks of life, gender identities, sexual orientation, races, belief systems, etc. I try to be a kind and caring human being, and if you do the same we will likely get along.

By purchasing any services, you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older.

I keep any email exchanges, readings, mentoring sessions or other professional contact we share completely confidential. You are welcome to share information from your reading with whomever you choose, but I will always keep your reading private, unless you have given me express permission to share your reading in a video or blog post.

I use an advice-based approach. My readings and services do not predict the future, and do not give information about other people. Instead, we focus on you and your journey.

All purchases are final, and except in extenuating circumstances; refunds are not available.

I hope to work with you! But, my practice may not be suited for everyone. I reserve the right to offer a refund and refuse service if it seems we are not a good fit.

Please consult an expert when necessary. Mentoring and tarot readings are intended to be fun tools to spark personal growth. These services are not a replacement for professional psychological advice, medical advice, legal advice etc.

Carrie Mallon

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