The Sun from Lumina Tarot & moi.

I’ve been staring at this blank document for some time now, trying to figure out how to best describe what I want to say here. Writing this post is bringing a feeling that many actions in my business bring me: a sensation that I’m exposing something deeply personal and private.

That’s what this type of creative, heart-centered, soul-inspired business does: it asks you to get honest with yourself, to dig into your own heart and come forward with some type of wisdom that might be useful to others.

My favorite sources of business wisdom come from a perspective that could easily interchange the term ‘business’ with the term ‘creativity.’ That’s what my business is to me – an ongoing project, something intertwined with who I am as a person, an expressive force. I really feel like my business exists because of a spiritual yearning, a sensation that I have been pulled to travel this path. To put it plainly, it feels like my business is a crucial part of my life’s purpose.

I am a curiously particular type of business owner. In fact, I’m not even really fond of the word “business” because it has a sort of aloof, suit-and-tie association. I call what I do a business because that’s an understandable label to use. But my business is more than just a business, and I’m more than a business owner.

My business is a creative process, a core part of my identity, a highly personal and always shapeshifting piece of art – and I’m the artist. My business is a hero’s journey – and I’m the hero. You know, no pressure there…

Usually, this approach to business feels mystical and intriguing and wonderful and meaningful. But sometimes it feels fucking heavy. Because my sense of self is so closely associated with my business, sometimes my perception gets distorted. It’s easy to make the grave mistake of basing my worth as a human on the state of my business.

If my business isn’t “succeeding” (whatever the heck that word means) it can feel like I’m fundamentally failing as a human being.

There’s a lot of rhetoric out there espousing that if you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing, the Universe will guide you and blast obstacles out of your way. Sure, you might have some trials here and there, but if you are REALLLLLY on the right path, things will work out and you’ll be victorious, right? That’s the way it works in fairy tales. That’s the way it works in all those spiritual memes you see on Instagram. So that’s the way it really works, right?

This whole concept of things working out if they’re destined to work out can be an empowering narrative, but it has a dark side. It can make you feel like maybe you’re not on the right track because right now, the Universe doesn’t seem to be doing diddly squat to help you. It can make you think maybe you aren’t good enough because you can’t seem to make this business thing work.

And worst of all, it can cause you to believe that if your business “fails” you will be utterly destroyed, unable to ever crawl out from the rubble because your worth as a human being was shattered in that very rubble.

This is one of the most potent spiritual lessons that my business journey has presented to me: the art of simultaneously honoring the deep personal importance my business represents, while also detaching my sense of inner sovereignty from this process. I hold paradoxical beliefs and aim to operate in a way that reflects these seemingly contradictory statements: my business is more significant than I can fathom and also not significant at all.

There’s one thing I can tell you in no uncertain terms: your worth as a human being is not defined by your business. If your business does exceedingly well, if people praise you and you make money and find fulfillment, your business doesn’t define your worth. And if your business fails and you go bankrupt and no one ever cares about your work, your business doesn’t define your worth.

The whole reason we become creators and business owners is to experience fulfillment, creativity and joy. And if we want to really experience those things, we need to cultivate a mindset that affirms our inherent worth as always in tact, regardless of external factors. Perhaps our most important work is bringing ourselves home to this mindset time and time again.


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