I want everything I create to be solid. Well-crafted. Insightful. Potent. And I do create some things that I’m proud of. But I create a lot of things that could be better. I create a lot of things that kind of…suck.

Today I had the urge to delete every video on my YouTube channel. Why? Because I re-watched one and I thought it sucked. The video was awkward. Clumsy. Uncomfortable.

But I did not delete the video. Instead, I looked at myself in the mirror and said:

“You suck and that’s awesome!”
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There are two main factors to consider when you think you suck. First, you never suck as much as you suppose. Your inner critic is likely being a mega-jerk. Second, sucking is awesome! Sucking means you’re DOING SOMETHING.

Many people are so terrified of sucking that they don’t try. They don’t make the videos, they don’t write the songs, they don’t start the business, they don’t pursue the dream.

I’m not going to delete my videos. They are road markers on my path. I am already better than I was when I began.

If you allow yourself to suck at something, you’re making space for yourself to be a beginner. You’ve got to start somewhere. You’ve got to learn through experience. You have to make some things that aren’t fantastic. It’s an inevitable truth:

You’re going to create some sucky stuff long before you create anything awesome.
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You have inborn strengths, you have natural talents. But rarely does anyone come along who makes pivotal, ingenious creative works without honing their skills first.

And honing your skills requires creating things. Things that are not always great. Things that may slightly suck.

If you think you suck, do not be stilled. Continue to create. Listen to this two minute pep talk from Ira Glass. Remind yourself why you are doing this. Be where you are. Dedicate to your craft, seek those who encourage you and learn to be your own supporter.

You are doing much better than you give yourself credit for. You are awesome for trying. You are a brave creator, and the world needs you.

“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.” – Colette

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