There’s a ‘Why I Do What I Do’ tag circling through the blogging world, and what do you know? TAG, I’m it! So, why do I do what I do? This query seems simple. But when I let myself simmer with this question, I realized it’s deceptively deep.

WHAT do I do? Anything and everything pertaining to tarot! I write blog posts inspired by the cards. I make videos every week. I do personal, private readings via email and Skype for clients.

Why do I do this? Because I want to be truly alive. I want to have the deepest, richest, most enjoyable experience I can while I am on this planet. I believe that I am on my own hero’s journey and that what I am doing with Happy Fish Tarot has a powerful, mythological meaning.

I have a ceaseless drive to explore and expand. I want to find meaning not only in my own life, but also in the broader existence of humanity, the world, the universe. Tarot makes me feel plugged in to an energy that flows through everything. In tarot, I see patterns that help me know myself and understand my place in the bigger picture.

Tarot has helped bring clarity to my own psyche, and I always find myself relating the cards back to life lessons I’ve learned. Making that correlation lights me up. This is why I write. It’s my way of sharing my tarot ‘aha moments’ with others who might resonate.

Life feels like slowly putting together a never-ending puzzle. Tarot provides clues and nudges that help the picture come into focus. The goal isn’t to complete the puzzle, the goal is the process. If we had all the answers, where would the fun be?

I believe that people are wired up to understand life through stories. Tarot gives me an avenue to connect the dots, to find a cohesive plot line in what might otherwise be perceived as random events. Tarot can help you shift your experiences by giving you deeper perspectives on the unfolding of your life.

And now I’ll say what you probably expect me to say: I do it to help people. But that’s not a satisfying answer, most everyone wants to help people. I do what I do because tarot plays to my specific strengths, my way of helping. Tarot gives me the ‘launching point’ to nudge others into self-discovery.

A lot of people walk around with heavy loads. We’re plagued by self doubt, betrayals, and a million other pains. I know I can’t solve all the problems of the world. But I do believe that through tarot, I can do SOMETHING to help lessen the weight someone is carrying. If I can help you release a smidgen of negative energy, I reap the benefits of that as well. In helping others, I also help myself.

That…in a nutshell…is why I do what I do! Thanks to the lovely Kristen Jett for tagging me. Kristen is a sparkly, marketing maven and a gem of a human being. She’s funny, savvy, and helps people draft their lives their own dang way at


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