Here, there, and everywhere. All over the place. Scattered, diluted, inefficient. All over the place!

If you read the newsletter I sent out last week, you know there’s been a lot going on in my life (if you missed it, get on the list via the form below this post). Someone asked me how I was doing recently and I automatically replied, “I’m all over the place.”

I gave myself pause with this statement. It’s one of those phrases I hear thrown around a lot, but I’d never stopped to consider what it actually means. What does being all over the place look and feel like? And what can we do about it?

I’ve come up with some perspectives on the matter – and some solid advice for others who feel all over the place.

Scattered energy

When we say we’re all over the place, what we usually mean is that our ENERGY is all over the place. Energetic bits go into work, bobs go into worries, tendrils go into the varied events of our daily lives. Your energetic wisps are always floating like mist into countless avenues.

It’s a weird sensation to have your energy scattered all over the place. When we are living with full and gathered energy we are our most magical. We concentrate effortlessly. Our work and words seem to flow. We feel alive with our own power. We own our ability to create.

But when our energy disperses, we have a hard time concentrating. We do things, but we don’t do them with full effectiveness. We feel drained, frazzled, maybe even overwhelmed.

Getting everything back together

Tarot is woven into every facet of my life. Naturally, when I realized I was feeling all over the place, I turned to tarot. I was intuitively drawn to work with the Magician. This card is the pinnacle of potent and present energy.

The Magician reminds us how important it is to consciously invite your energy home. Your energy wants to come back to you. You’re meant to be living in synch with your full spectrum range of energetic power. If you set the intention to bring your energy back home and welcome it with open arms, it will begin to find it’s way back.

Here are a few slabs of advice, inspired by the Magician, on how you can regroup your energy when you’re all over the place.

Get your shit organized

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that when I feel all over the place, it’s intensified if I’m operating haphazardly. My day planner gets neglected… my physical desk gets covered in odds and ends… my inbox gets full. Yikes!

When I look at the Magician, I see someone who doesn’t allow messes. His table is clean and sturdy, his tools are laid out properly. Even his clothes fit just the way they should. None of this is an accident.

When you feel all over the place, start with your most important surroundings. You don’t need to clean up every mess in your life at once – begin with the ones that are the most hindering. Where in your life are you unorganized? Which of these areas is causing the most stress? Start by sorting out that one thing.

Live on purpose

When my energy is all over the place, I can slip into urgency mode. I’m unsure what actions to take first, and I can easily waste even more energy on unconscious, useless habits. It’s tempting to surrender our power when we feel this way. It can start to seem like life is just happening to us without our say – but that is never the full truth.

The Magician lives on purpose. He accepts that he cannot control all circumstances, but he takes full ownership for the control he DOES have. He isn’t further diminishing his energy by abandoning his autonomy. Instead, the Magician teaches us to completely own the powers that we do have.

When we’re all over the place, it is more important than ever to live on purpose. Walk through life instead of being dragged through it. Make decisions from a place of love, not fear. Instead of letting your energy slip all over the place unknowingly, distribute your energy consciously.

Invite your energy home

I like to think of energy as a metaphoric herd of sheep. Energy wanders, but it always wants to come back to center. You are the energetic shepherd, and you can kindly beckon your energy back home.

First, get yourself into a Magician-like state of mind: clear, open, focused yet relaxed. This can be facilitated by deep breathing, meditation, binaural beats, physical movement…whatever works for you.

Once you are ready, open yourself up for an energetic return. This can be as simple as saying or thinking “I intend to be present and gathered. I invite my energy home.”

Or, try this one from Danielle LaPorte: “I call all of my power back to me now. I am whole and complete.”

Here’s to being present and gathered!


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