I love the charm of a written tarot reading – but there’s something magical about a good ol’ face to face reading as well. When it comes to tarot readings, which format should you go with? The answer will depend on your personality and what you want to get out of the reading experience. Let’s talk about a few things that might be helpful to consider.



Email Tarot Readings

There are few things I relish more than giving and receiving tarot readings via email. When I am a seeker (the person receiving the reading) I will most often request an email reading. This format provides a permanent, written beacon of guidance which can be referenced time and time again. Want to revisit a reading you got 10 years ago? Email readings make this possible.

I retain information better when reading than listening. A written, emailed tarot reading allows me, as a seeker, to read as slowly or as quickly as I’d like. I can skim certain sections, and linger over others. I can re-read meatier sections several times until they fully sink in.

Email readings also mesh nicely with my style as a reader (the person giving the reading). As I say in the video, I’ve always been better at communicating through writing than speaking. Things tend to get frazzled in the connection between my mouth and my brain when I’m speaking. But when I’m writing? It’s smooth as butter.

When I give readings via email, I have the ability to take all the time I need. There is no pressure of another person sitting in front of me waiting expectantly. I’m not self-conscious. I can gaze at the cards, absorb them, and wait as long as I need for a message to come through. It is spacious. It suits me.

Face to Face Tarot Readings

As much as I enjoy being immersed in the digital world, it can get mighty lonely out there. People often seek tarot readings when they are feeling lost at sea. Talking directly to another human – either in person or via a digital medium like Skype – can help a seeker to feel connected in a more solid way.

The interaction of a face to face reading is an immense benefit to this format. As a seeker you are able to converse with the reader in real time. You can make sure your question is crystal-clear and that the reader is giving you the information you desire.

As a reader, I am able to actively seek feedback from the client as the reading progresses. When I’m giving an email reading, I sometimes fear that I’m just in ‘broadcast mode.’ I’m rambling and writing, hoping to high heaven that something in the reading will resonate with the seeker when I hit ‘send.’

During a face to face reading, I will pause periodically to ask ‘does this make sense? Do you have any further questions?’ This is very useful as I am not psychic. I can’t read minds (just cards). When I have this type of interaction with a seeker, I can ensure I am giving them relevant insights.

There is something powerful and healing about face to face tarot readings. As opposed to a monologue, we are able to have a dialogue. The seeker becomes part of the process. The reading is collaborative. We go deep. Shifts happen. Sometimes tears (and limiting beliefs) are shed. Illuminating insights are revealed through a two-way conversation.

The Best of Both Worlds

Up until now, I have only been offering email readings with Happy Fish Tarot – and I won’t be abandoning those! But I’m about to venture into the world of face-to-face readings (using Skype, or in person if you’re in Salt Lake City). Why? Well, the simple answer is I’m being pulled to do so. It’s outside of my comfort zone. It freaks me out a little. But I know I can bring something powerful to seekers in a more interactive environment.

I’m curious. Do you prefer readings via email or face to face? What do you like (or dislike) about either format? Leave me a comment and let me know.

(PS: I’d love to give you a reading – email or Skype, your choice. Let’s make this happen.)

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