Hey guys! This will be a more conversational blog post than usual. Happy Fish Tarot is an extension of who I am as a person – and so this week, instead of a singularly-focused essay, I’m coming at you with some odds & ends from my life.

I have been riding an intense wave of creative, vibrant energy lately. I’m not sure if my stars are aligning or what, but things are clicking and zinging all over the place! Here’s what that looks like:

New services are in the works!

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter (it’s free, sign up via the box below this post) you know that I recently put out a call for volunteers to help me create a new mentoring program. The response was phenomenal! I was absolutely floored by how many people reached out to me, and I can say with complete honesty that every single one of them would have been delightful to work with.

Eventually I settled on four people to give my mentoring services a test run. We are now in the initial stages of working together, and it has been an incredible learning experience. I am ridiculously excited to see how this unfolds, and in the not-so-distant future I will be offering mentoring services in addition to tarot readings. It makes my heart sing to deepen my work in this way, it feels so RIGHT. More details will be coming soon!

I’m hosting a picture challenge on Instagram!

I adore Instagram. My feed is chock full of inspiring, thoughtful goodness. It’s such a simple social network (especially compared to the beast known as Facebook) but I find it highly satisfying. Two thumbs up in the Carrie book! I participated in a photo challenge when I first joined, and it was so fun. I’ve wanted to create my own ever since then… and now I have! I’m hosting ‘Reeling in Wisdom’ – a 15 day photo challenge. It has been so stinkin’ fun to see the creative photos people are posting. I’m having having a blast! You can start at any time, so check out my Instagram profile for the prompts (the picture above was for the first prompt, ‘my superpowers.’)

Other odds and ends!

I’m training for a 13.1 mile half marathon (this will be my fourth, or fifth… I’ve lost track, wowza!). This one is next month in Bryce Canyon and I have a feeling it’s going to be freaking gorgeous (see photo below). I really enjoy running – runner’s high is a real thing for me, I get some of my best creative ideas on runs. I’ve never been drawn to competitive sports, and I’m not competitive with running. Sure, it’s fun to see myself improve but frankly, I’m not very fast and I’m okay with that.


Bryce Canyon – image via

It’s almost summer and that means lots of exciting things: farmers markets! Festivals! Road trips! Veggie burgers! Mint juleps! Peaches, cherries, tomatoes, basil! And my birthday – I’m a June baby (Cancer sun sign). This is a big one for me – I’m turning 30. I’ve been doing some inner work around the symbolic death of my 20s and making room for a new chapter in my life. Age is, of course, just a number. But my 30th birthday has happened to align with other changes in my life, and I want to respect this time of transition.

Books, books, books. I’ve always been a relatively hardcore reader, but over the past couple of years I’ve been mainly reading non-fiction, tarot and personal development. Recently I have been making a conscious effort to give extra-nurturing to my inner bookworm – particularly with fiction. I’ve recently finished reading ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ by Neil Gaiman, and I re-read one of my teenage favorites, ‘Daughters of Eve’ by Lois Duncan. I’m now in the midst of ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’ by Susanna Clarke.

That’s it for the odds & ends this time, I hope you derived some entertainment from this puzzle-piece of Carrie-ness. And I sincerely hope all is well with you! I have positive energy in spades, and I’m sending some your way right now.

I’m always here if you want to say hi, and I am still available for private tarot readings via email & Skype. Until next time, take care of yourself – that’s an order.

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