One of the more dangerous things about my habit of browsing endlessly through Instagram is the ease with which I discover new tarot decks. It was during one such session of looking through my Instagram feed that I first stumbled upon the Linestrider Tarot.

The use of white space, nature elements, and the somewhat surrealist imagery caught my imagination. The deck’s creator, Siolo Thompson, describes linestriding as “walking in two worlds – one foot in each to discover guidance.” Umm, sign me up!

There was a time when I bought decks willy-nilly, but these days I have learned to somewhat reign myself in. I have my tried and true working decks, and in order for me to buy a new deck now it has to really speak to me. This is what I told myself when I first saw the Linestrider Tarot, and I did manage to hold off purchasing one for quite some time.

But alas, after the holidays this year I decided to treat myself to a couple of new decks, including this one! And in this video, you can see me unboxing the deck for the very first time and sharing my initial impressions. Upon first glance, there are some things I love in this deck…and there are some things that make me go WTF?! Riveting, I know! Check it out:



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